Poetry Sunday: How Far


How Far



How far can a tree bend

against the fierce howling wind

before it breaks in two.



How deep can my spirit plunge

into the dark depths as it witnesses

these horrors against humanity.



How low can a people sink

in the name of greed and self-servitude

bowing in worship to hypocrisy.



I fear a comeuppance is at hand~mighty~

laying waste before the howling gales of lies

forging a path back to truth and kindness.



My heart is near breaking,

knowing the pain that must be dealt

to bring us back from the brink.



Many spirits will break against these storms

as we swing back along a line of sanity

or some semblance we can salvage.



But without these storms we lose all~

our planet, our humanity,

our very souls!



© Donna Donabella 2017


I rarely write anything that could be construed as political, but given the political climate and actions (or lack there of) in our government, I knew my anger and concern would spill out on the page here soon.   The opening lines came to me while watching a particularly nasty storm, and then the rest flowed from there.


The pictures here are selfies I took during a course this winter.  They express my feelings these days.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link, Poetry Pantry.




I leave you with a few additional words about how far can we sink.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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43 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: How Far”

  1. I wish I knew. I shudder at the depths that greed and arrogance are propelling us.
    I long for the day that we are able to view this world as a community. No us and them, but only us.

    1. Thanks Jae Rose. I think we continue to sink to new depths every week as this craziness plays out here. And still too many remain mute or defend. It breaks my heart.

  2. How far indeed. I like the hope in the idea that after the calamity unfolding now, we will make our way back to a path of kindness and sanity…….if nothing else, how horrible the present is, means the next chapter can hopefully be better. It is hard on all of our hearts in the meantime. I watch the nightly news in disbelief.

  3. There’s nothing you’ve written here that I disagree with. We live in soul-searing times.

  4. I wonder too–but we cannot continue down this path without destruction following–I want to breathe the air and feel the sun on my face today –and I want it for my children and their children–beautifully penned

  5. A powerful write, the downward spiral goes un-noticed by so many that will never remove the rose colored glasses until the light has dimmed to darkness.

  6. Donna, I feel this is almost prayerful. How deep can one’s spirit plunge indeed! Many of our spirits are breaking in this storm. Every day there is something else which pushes back on normalcy, that sends us deeper into an abyss. When you question how low a people can sink, I consider those in the Senate and House of Representatives that still back him.. I keep waiting for those who have the power to take a strong stand. So far my waiting has been in vain. You have written a strong, strong poem!

    1. Your praise means so much to me Mary….I agree the Congress and Senate along with the WH seem to sink lower as are those who blindly follow him and never question any of these atrocities…..we all must take a strong stand or we cannot weather the storm breaking…..it is hard many days but necessary and it keeps me hopeful in my stand.

  7. Even from thousands of miles away we can feel a dictator emerging from an egg and the likely consequences for not only the US but the whole world.

    1. He certainly is trying to rule. I think it is the ‘do anything for money and power and screw the consequences’ actions that has me scratching my head. That so many blindly follow and would give up their freedom and very lives for it. Hoping some sanity emerges soon.

  8. You are right. We need to and must bring us back from the brink. And to do that with whatever gift we have, like words that might create a faint ripple but it may spread all over the world in these days of science. And thank God nothing is permanent. So this too will pass. Such a wonderful poem Donna that makes you think and think.

  9. We will sink as far as we can but the truth of it is that we do not matter.

    1. Sadly no we don’t matter to those in power….we can only matter to ourselves and take hold of the human race and say they matter….that is our saving grace….our humanity toward one another despite those that would harm us and hold us down.

  10. My heart is near breaking,
    knowing the pain that must be dealt
    to bring us back from the brink.

    One is helpless against the corporate giants’ whose greed has caused physical hardships in many parts of the world. Great observation Donna!

  11. Well Donna…historically ,situations like this can only continue for a certain time…there comes a point when the whole thing unravels and erupts into some sort of disaster globally All we can do as poets is to give comfort and insights to our readers and each other. Things are not looking good right now !

    1. Indeed things are not looking good are they. Lately I have felt compelled to go a step further and try to shine on light on the truth. It is our hope along with love.

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