Wildlife Lessons: Being Foxy


“You should never turn down the offer of another man’s story,’ the fox persisted, moving off a little further into the trees ahead. ‘Stories are the only thing that separates us from the animals after all.”  ~T.B. McKenzie




Isn’t he adorable…so sleek and beautiful!  That is our Hunter.  He came to our garden in July of last year, and he still comes around.  We know he comes in the garden, but I won’t give you the gory details as to how we know.





In June, when we were deluged with almost daily inches of rain, the wildlife was affected too.  One morning we saw Hunter in our neighbors back meadow just over our fence.  He was laying on the tarp covered soil, and he was drenched.  He looked emaciated soaking wet.  We figure his den was in a spot that was flooding.




sleeping fox

And he came almost every day or so for weeks in June.  A regular fixture after a drowning rain overnight.  He would sun himself to dry off for a while and then he slept…he seemed exhausted as if he couldn’t sleep in his den because of the rain.




hunting collage

After his snooze he would check out the meadow area for a meal…he knows from experience the rich bounty of food he has found previously in this area.


And after all the exertion of hunting he snoozed some more in the shade on the grass and on the slabs of cement near the tarp covered soil.





Yes that is a bird…we think a catbird.  I said he was an amazing hunter.





During June, we also had two momma woodchucks bring their young ones out of the den to find a home.  Now 5 woodchucks living under the sheds on either side of us was too much for everyone.  So the families were eventually moved to a wild area where they could have the run of the place.


But before they moved, the fox was around often.  Somehow he just missed these guys as they kept close to those sheds with momma.





I swear he knows I am watching him from the window as he looks right at me with those amazing, piercing eyes.  Once the rain ended, Hunter melted back to the wild woods behind us, and we have not seen him.  But he left a lasting impression on us and others this summer….



bunny collage

Soon after Hunter went back to his den, we spotted our resident female rabbit out and about.  But it was where I saw her that was so unusual.  She was also grooming and posing out and about on the slabs where Hunter had been.  And I still see her there grooming from time to time.




I have a short video of the rabbit, who could be our Beatrice, enjoying the slabs.

With this wildlife story, I am joining in the meme Wildlife Wednesday hosted by Tina@My Gardener Says that happens the first Wednesday of every month, and with Saturday’s Critters hosted by Eileen@Viewing nature with Eileen that happens every Saturday.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every week.




I leave you with another thought about nature and all its wonders.  Feel free to download the photo and share.

fox wisdom

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  1. we are supposed not to like Mr Fox but your Hunter is clever and very fetching. You’ve captured some lovely wildlife images – do you have a ‘hide’ somewhere in your garden?!

    p.s. enlighten me about the woodchucks – what would 5 be like to have around? And how did you move them?

    1. My hide is inside my house….the back faces the back gardens and meadows so I get some great shots. 5 additional woodchucks would be looking for dens and having more baby woodchucks and digging in everyone’s gardens. They were in mine constantly. There just isn’t enough room right where we are , and they were living 2 and three under sheds which was keeping some of the kids from coming out in the yard to play.

      The neighbors had them live trapped (trapped in cages) and moved to a wild area where they would have loads of room to settle and set up house.

  2. Oh, lovely photos. I love your fox–hope he’s still around, though I know he hunts good guys and gals like the catbird. We had a group of foxes move into our very urban ‘hood a few years ago. It was so fun to spy them, late evening or early morning. I haven’t seen one now for some time, but it was a treat. Love the bunny film–yummy grass bloom, it looks like. Thanks so much for participating in WW–it’s always a treat to read you!!

  3. He is beautiful. I love how he was able to get comfortable and sprawl out. I do think they can tell when they are being watched. We can. Have you ever felt a tickle on your back and then looked around to see someone was looking straight at you? When we were bored in school my friends and I did that all the time. Birds seem to be especially alert to the human gaze.

    1. I think you are right Debra…it seems the critters do know when we are looking at them as they stop and look right at our house when we are watching from the windows.

  4. What a wonderful and sweet story. I’m sure Hunter has found some good hunting grounds for the summer. He’s a beautiful animal. Enjoyed the bunny, also!

  5. I haven’t seen any foxes around my house this year, but I certainly heard their very loud calls in the night earlier in the summer. (The first time I ever heard that sound, my first summer living in this house, it sounded as though someone was being murdered in the woods and i wondered if i should call 911.) I’m amazed that Hunter missed the woodchuck babies; they are a fox favorite here.

    1. They never strayed from momma or the sheds where they were protected Jean so the fox was out of luck. We heard the fox once years ago but never again….ours are quiet…they do make a murderous sound.

  6. Wow, Donna, your wildlife lessons are so interesting, and I’m amazed at how close to your house all of this happened…
    It’s great you’ve documented that!

  7. Such a beautiful creature, and I love how you have a story about him. So many of the wildlife visits in the garden tend to be fleeting. The animals are there for just a moment, and then gone. It is a treat when they stick around long enough (assuming they are welcomed guests) for them to become familiar, and to be able to piece together their story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Donna, I enjoyed your wonderful wildlife post. The Hunter images are awesome and I love the bunny shots too. Nature is grand!
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

    1. He has been around for a year now Michelle….and he sunned himself for weeks in this June….but we haven’t seen him in about 6 weeks but that is not unusual. I will bet we will see him again soon.

  9. Oh my, I’ve only caught glimpses of a fox a couple of times in my life. Your Hunter is so beautiful, though I wouldn’t have dealt well with the evidence of his hunting prowess. Beatrice seems to be playing Russian Roulette. I hope she will live a long, happy life! Very interesting post!

    1. Rabbits don’t live long here what with the hawks, fox and other predators….so glad you stopped by Carol and enjoyed seeing Hunter. It has been fun watching him grow up this past year.

  10. I sat here, loving every minute of this wonderful post! The wildlife in your garden is amazing! I am so fond of foxes (coyotes and wolves, too) and love that you’ve had one “hanging out” around your home so much. Of course the little critters weren’t happy I am sure, but your woodchucks are just so awesome and I Ioved the rabbit too. Great post! What a treat for you and for us!

  11. Oh my…he is amazing!! I absolutely LOVE foxes. I had one appear to me in a meditation…it was the first time anything like that happened…I didn’t usually see visions before that…I love your post about Hunter and the wildlife around you. It’s so inspiring. Thank you, for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thanks Hannah….like you I am inspired by nature…Hunter is magnificent and we are blessed to see him. I have a wolf that visits me in my meditations! 🙂

      1. Oh!! A Wolf! how powerful and wonderful!! Thank you, for sharing this with me, Donna!

  12. I’ve always loved foxes for their beautiful color and delicate, pointed chins. The only time I ever saw my old dog, Luther (a beagle and coon/fox-hound mix) go truly wild was when he scented a fox. He was no longer my friendly pup but a hunter out for blood. Spooky to see instinct take over so thoroughly! I’m glad your Hunter found a safe, dry place to escape the rain. I’m glad you did, too!

  13. I just love seeing your foxes. It is one critter I only see when squished by a car unfortunately. He is adorable like you said.

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