Triggering Happiness

DSCN7790 “And the true realism, always and everywhere, is that of the poets: to find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson




Six months ago I began this blog.  It was after an exhausting trek for the past 50 something years of trying to find happiness, that I was finally able to unlock the question for the ages.  How can we be truly happy?  What is the magical elixir we have to swallow to find happiness?



And the answer quite bowled me over.  We need not search around us, or make lists of things to do that will thrill us.  Happiness is found within us.  It is always there.  We are born with it.  It is just that life gets in our way sometimes, and somewhere along the line we try to search for happiness thinking it is lost to us suddenly.



And I think in that moment when we realize we have lost it, happiness has gone deep within us….and our sorrow shadows it.  Suddenly we can no longer access it, try as we might.  I tried with alcohol (when I was in college and almost burned out too soon)…with sugar and that battle has finally been won although now the health issues from it are still around.  And I tried with shopping and buying the latest fashions and things.  I tried with what I thought were bigger, better jobs with more money.  And still I was so unhappy.



Until I discovered my happiness again this past year.  Still deep within me ready to be released if I could but trigger it.  And the trigger wasn’t lamenting about life, wishing things would change, hoping for better times.  No, actually one of the triggers for me has been through writing about my life.



Whatever is at the center of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power.  ~  Stephen Covey



DSCN7802I have been on a journey these past six months embracing change.  Which means I have to dig deep and unleash some past emotions that tie me down.  And as painful as those moments may be, they have been the most liberating in helping me trigger my happiness.  For me to reconnect with happiness, I had to know what it felt like again.  To recognize it.  And in order to do that sometimes I had to recognize the pain blocking the happiness.



This is not a journey finished in 6 months, 6 years or 60 years.  It is a journey that is a lifetime.  Imagine a lifetime of happiness, if we can trigger it.  Move the curtain away, unlock the box we neatly tucked it into, and bring it back into our lives front and center to stay.



So what have I noticed are some other triggers for happiness.  Well that is a personal journey we each have to discover…and it has been such a blissful journey, for me, so far.  I can tell you that it has been amazing to feel that ripple of joy once again.  It may start with a beautiful sunrise, or a sweet gesture or kind word.  A young fawn stepping into the meadow for the first time.  Seeing the first blossom of spring as the ice and snow melt away to reveal the magic of nature.



Oh in those moments my heart is singing, my eyes are wet with tears of joy, and I feel those wonderful butterflies in my stomach that send me soaring lighter than air engulfed in an amazing blissfest.  And when I find myself in those gray days, where I am lost, where I am feeling a deep sorrowful low, I reconnect with that bliss.  I search the snowy landscape for beauty that is there if we look for it.  I remember those kind words offered, or I just smile.  Maybe forced at first, but once that smile is stretching across my face, it spreads throughout my body.  It is hard for me to be sad when I am laughing or smiling.



And sometimes the easiest trigger to connecting with my happiness within is to just be grateful….grateful for family, grateful that I am alive, grateful for each step I still take, each sip of water I drink….grateful for deep unconditional love found in my soulmate.  And even grateful for the painful, unhappy feelings that creep back in with still unfinished business. Yes that still is the ultimate key….sincere, deep, abiding thanks for this life I have.



Note:   The lilies of the valley pictured here represents a return of happiness.




I leave you with another thought about happiness.  Feel free to download this photo and share.

lily of valley paint

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14 Replies to “Triggering Happiness”

  1. This is an uplifting post Donna, being grateful does not always come easily in a fast paced modern world, you are very insightful in your words today. Thank you.

    1. Indeed it does not Julie. I have to be reminded as well sometimes, but keeping a daily journal now has helped me keep a bit more faithful to it. I am so glad the post uplifted you today.

  2. You always inspire me with your words of wisdom. Gratitude truly is the best way to live. Thank you.

  3. Your journey is very inspiring and rings so true. There is no happiness that is not within us, I believe that with my whole heart. And maybe the goal is not just to be “happy”, which is such a temporal word, but to strive to be real, to be whole, to be at peace with what life gives us in any moment. That may mean that at times we are not “happy”, but in a state of acceptance. I appreciated your post so very much Donna. Peace and blessings to you. Susie

    1. Perfectly stated Susie. Some days we will not “be happy”, but living in that moment of acceptance the happiness does return. Thank you for these wise words my dear, dear friend.

  4. I always thought we make our own happiness, or at least access it with how we live our lives. Babies are happy so I guess you might be right that we are born with it. It just gets replaced or displaced with many other emotions as time goes by. It needs coddling to keep it front and center.

  5. I’m so grateful that writing is such an important part of your journey into wholeness and happiness.

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