Poetry Sunday: Word of the Year-TEND





Ex-tending myself for far too long

In-tending to slow and embrace ease

But I was just Pre-tending.



Now Con-tending with the after effects of the stress.

Unin-tended consequences none-the-less happening,

When you have a Tend-ency to overdo it for far too long.



So now I must At-tend to my not so selfish needs

With extreme Tend-erness in body, mind and soul.

Tend-ing to my hearth and home madly, gladly with ease.



©Donna Donabella 2017


Every year I pick a word to help guide my year.  This year TEND came up with ease, shining down giving me peace and healing just to say it.  I started a healing path in late 2016, and found my ROAR, my voice and power, again this past year…..now I want to TEND to my inner fire, my home within and surrounding me.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.


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42 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Word of the Year-TEND”

  1. I really like your word of the year, Donna. It definitely seems a most meaningful word, and it has so many variations. I hope as well to be able to tend to what is most important in 2018 and not be distracted constantly by things that interfere with peace of mind. Happy New Year, Donna. And be tend-er with yourself all year! Smiles.

  2. I so know the feeling, we do too much, extend yourselves beyond our limits, then have to retreat and restore our depleted selves. I am happy to be home in my quiet rooms, resting up after holiday travelling, which was good but exhausting. Hope the new year is good to you, Donna.

  3. This is so beautifully eloquent. Sometimes its important to tend to our fragile souls so as to cater to needs of those around us 🙂 Wishing you love and peace in 2018!

  4. Yes, tend madly and gladly to the hearth and the home where your heart lines. Be kind to your self.
    Living with Happiness – I tend to do that, it the most wonderful thing.
    Love and peace to you Donna. Have a wonderful 2018.
    Anna :o]

  5. lovely wordplay with the word. i think the word is pretty much neglected, in our anger and hustle and bustle. so yeah, it is time to pay more attention to those that we hold most dear.
    have a Happy New Year, Donna. 🙂

  6. This post sent me to the dictionary. I hadn’t really appreciated all the meanings of “tend,” and I wanted to know how they are all related. I learned that “tend” comes from the Latin verb tendere — to stretch, extend, or proceed. Perfect!

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