Poetry Sunday-When The Light Went Out


When The Light Went Out



The light went out of my life that day.

It was swallowed whole, trapped in a cave.

Though I try in vain to bring it back,

It alludes me now, gone to black.



And I feel somedays like the walking dead.

Nowhere am I going, nowhere have I tread.

And the sorrow that replaced those brilliant rays,

Has crushed me heavy under the weight.



Can it ever be regained?

Will I see the light of day?

Can I feel the warmth again deep inside?

Will I ever stop the tears, the cries?

Can this burden be released?

Will the darkness ever cease?



Perhaps one day as I sit in this cold,

In this place where I try to grab hold.

Of what was once my life and light,

Though I am shattered, even in my strife.



I sometimes will remember the golden days once more,

When the light glowed warm from deep in my core.

Yes, I will cling to those memories I knew.

Before I lost the light, before I lost you.



© Donna Donabella 2015



As my father’s birthday approaches each year, I am drawn back to those special times, and special memories.  I lost my father in 1998, and sometimes there are only those days where all I have is much sadness.  This poem is reflective of one of those sad times I have had recently.  Next Sunday, I will post a poem that speaks of the happy memories.



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lilac collage

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Special Note:  The lilacs from my garden represent memory as this are all I have now of my father, and many days they just do not sustain me.



I leave you with a few words about memories and loss.


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81 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-When The Light Went Out”

    1. He was an amazing father and man…that gentle soul that everyone loves that leaves us all too soon. But I am enormously lucky to have had him in my life. Thanks Deb.

  1. Oh, Donna, this is very heartfelt. I do believe that if one light goes out there is another light that will eventually turn on. Meanwhile remember the old, but we always have to be ready to welcome the new!

    1. Absolutely Mary….he taught me that too and I think the light that shines from within me was because of his wonderful light in my life….thanks for your wonderful words.

  2. it is brave and healthy to acknowledge those moments of darkness..hard though they maybe they help us define what is both light and dark…

  3. I think we definitely need those time of darkness to reflect, and if nothing else appreciate the light we have.. I can totally understand how a memorial can work here..

  4. Very moving tribute Donna – grief is eternal but outside the cave it is light and getting warmer. I see you chose Syringa to illustrate these words – the harbinger of Spring.

  5. Donna, my heart goes out to you. Such a huge loss and yes, you must miss him dreadfully. Lovely to have such special golden memories though. I hope they bring you comfort.

  6. Oh Donna.
    Those dark days, and dark places in our minds and heart feel interminable don’t they?
    I am so glad as I read on to hear that the light does manage to get through.

  7. Oh Donna, I can really feel your heart as I read your words. Memories keep our loved ones alive. I know the light will be touching your heart once again. Blessings to you.

    1. I think those are the poems that mean the most to us when they reach down and grab our hearts. His light helps to keep my light going every day! Thanks so much Torie.

  8. Very heartfelt words Donna which some of us can identify with, it is hard when that light shines no more. We still have the memories which is the good in all that has passed.

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your father. How lucky you both are to have had each other. Thank you for visiting my blog as well.

  10. Donna, a beautiful outpouring of affection for your beloved father, eternally close to your heart, ever present in your soul.

    Some days are definitely harder than others; wishing you light and peace.


    1. Oh Poppy you have brought me much gladness and light….he is in my soul and his influence is so important to my life. I was so extremely lucky to have had him so close. Wishing you a joyous week.

  11. I too miss my Father. I try not to feel sad that he is no longer with me but rather focus on the happy times we shared together. Precious times which I am so grateful for 🙂 Memories of those precious times provide me with warmth 🙂

  12. I am deeply moved by your poem Donna… I am grateful my parents are still here , but as they age I know there will be a hole in my heart too. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers with I Heart Macro.

  13. Beautiful poem. I do understand-my mother died 14 years ago and there are times it still hurts. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers.

  14. Sensitive words, sensitive poem and tribute… beautiful flowers of lilacs!! A joy spread through them… Have a lovely week of Spring!

  15. What a touching poem. You must have been very close to your father which was a blessing. And memories sometimes don’t seem enough but will sustain you and bring you warmth & light. I’m sorry for your loss and big hug to you, Donna.

    1. I was very close to him Loredana….he devoted his life to his family and his love knew no bounds….I was indeed lucky to have had him and I cherish those memories of him and our time together….big hugs back to you my friend!

  16. What a beautiful picture of spring flowers to offset the heartache of the poem.

  17. It’s hard not to be sad, though I know your Dad would not want you to be. But, next week you celebrate his life. That will be wonderful.

    1. Exactly Myrna….I find I connect with my happiness when I don’t deny the dark times….so I allow myself to be sad sometimes….but it is the joys of my memories of my dad that sustain me. Thanks so much fro stopping by Myrna.

  18. The sadness you expressed here is palpable, Donna. Your father doesn’t want his dear daughter to be sad, so cheer up… he’s very proud of you. Smiles.

    1. You are very wise and correct…he never wanted us to be sad when he knew he was sick…..I do allow the sadness in sometimes as it helps me see the light more…next week I have a joyful post about him….he was always proud of his children….thanks Kelvin!

    1. When I wrote the poem it almost spoke about any loss…parent, sibling, child, husband, wife or lover….which is why I explained the inspiration behind it. While I was close to my mom as a child, I struggle with her now and especially since the loss of my dad….family relationships are so complex.

  19. This poem hits you straight to the core. I know your darkness but I also find a connection to my loved ones no longer with us, when I see a light beam behind a cloud, or a ray of sunlight on my desk… I love that connection. I find it comforting. Powerful poem, looking forward to the upbeat one though!
    Wren x

    1. That’s what my husband said too Wren….and I cannot explore the darkness without opening to the light. I love finding those sunbeams that shine majestically through the clouds…I do feel there is a spiritual connection when I see them and love that you think of your loved ones no longer with you when you see those rays….perfect. And although this sadder poem helped me purge the sadness, the upbeat poem secured my joy and helped me celebrate my dad’s life. I hope you like it. Have a great week.

    1. I agree it is the best way to help cope with the loss. When I do feel sad, I try to go to the wonderful memories. Writing helps me also deal with the sad times.

  20. This is very moving Donna and you write beautifully. Your father was obviously a wonderful man, being able to write about your grief and memories is gift you embrace and your poem will offer comfort to many other folk I am sure.

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