Poetry Sunday-Waiting On A Friend



Waiting On A Friend


The landscape is lonely

waiting on a friend,

The warm spring winds

to blow in again.


Sprouts of green

dot the white,

The seasonal change is

once again in sight!


© Donna Donabella 2013




I wrote this poem in early March, 2013 when we had a similar unrelenting winter.  I was daydreaming about spring returning.  It felt like a good friend, who had been gone far too long, was returning for an overdue visit.  And I am once again waiting for that friend, spring, to really show itself once more.  Sadly, today, it is snowing again, so I will continue to wait for spring.



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spring collage

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Special Note:  The green sprouts are from previous year’s in my March garden just as the snow thaws showing the  bulbs beautiful, green growth below.  The purple flowers are early snow crocus that bloomed in mid March, 2013.  An unusually early bloom time.



I leave you with a few words about waiting for spring.   I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

waiting on friend

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80 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Waiting On A Friend”

  1. Waiting for spring is indeed like waiting for a friend! I think this ‘friend’ is right around the corner now.

  2. Nice thoughts in your poem. I find a lot of winter friends though and am disappointed to see them migrate off.

  3. The waiting will not be in vain for sure, Donna, so you better prepare to sing your songs of rejoice when dear friend comes. I really like the second verse in your wonderful poem today. Thanks for the poem. Smiles.

  4. We all have friends like that. Frequently late, a bit of a flirt – and worth waiting for.
    Lovely poem – and I hope your friend doesn’t keep you waiting for much longer.

  5. oh that first photo!
    magic. pure magic.
    I love your waiting on a friend:)
    my heart feels that so sweet.
    I love how you’re pouring out your art and soul:)
    it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  6. I love the pictures, Donna ~ the contrast of the green sprouts and snow, so amazing and the crocus is pretty. That friend will return soon, hang in there 🙂

  7. What a lovely post! Although it seems like Spring is still far away for you, you are willing to share some flowers from a past Spring. Thank you so much. I enjoyed the poem and the pictures are beautiful.

  8. What a lovely post, and more lovely because it has been such a hard winter. Even at times we doubt, we know our friend will be back, maybe not as soon as we’d like but soon enough we enjoy it more. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you understood my post about winter and childhood memories, a new friend from over 40 FB

  9. A perfect poem for this time of year when little green sprouts emerge from the soil.
    Thanks for linking to MM.

  10. Spring is always anticipated and awaited for! The sprouts are lovely. Missing the greenery from the drab and cold months can be quite testing! Great pics Donna!


  11. Love your mosaic. Love. I enjoy poetry too, a universal language. We are eager Spring, aren’t we? Thanks for stopping by the Garden Spot.

  12. I really do miss Crocuses and other early spring flowers, but still think the trade off of no winter is worth it ( at my age and stage)… I can’t imagine not EVER in my life seeing the seasonal change and experiencing that annual miracle. I’m glad we spent our early life where it happened. I hope this years spring miracle comes soon for you.

  13. The expectation of Spring is always exciting and once it arrives we forget about those dim dark days of Winter.
    It’s moments such as this that inspired all the great poets like Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats!
    Your poem is lovely too Donna – thank you!
    Shane x

  14. It’s hard to believe that anything could grow in all that snow!

    Spring is definitely a friend when you live in such a cold climate.

  15. I too am looking forward to a return of old friends… thats such a poetic way to think about the excitement and longing for snow to melt and spring to return.

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