Poetry Sunday-Timeless Images


Timeless Images




The mirror looks back at me

A face, strange and foreign somehow.


Ruddy, wrinkled

Laugh lines deep, crinkling at the edges.


A care worn complexion still fresh

A body older, fragile, stiff with painful bending.


And yet within this vessel, exists

A soul still full of wonder.


Seeking answers, scarfing up knowledge

Playful, dancing through life.


She is there sometimes on the surface

But often over the years kept far down.


Admonished, ‘act your age’

‘Be an adult’, were the words heard far too often.


She has fought her way back

An old soul, still youthful, a child.


The glint, that spark

Still there in her green eyes.


Mischief, seeing the new

Seeking joy; neverending.


Her smile blazes

Her laugh infectious.


Yes, the mirror looks back at me

But it is the child, that’s all I see.


Now forever born again, new each day

For each moment the possibilities boundless-timeless.




© Donna Donabella 2014


This poem was also created as we were SOARing through the sky on our way to visit family at Thanksgiving.  Lots of wonderful poems flowed as we flew that day, and this one came easily as I have been reflecting on life since retirement, and anticipating seeing family.


The pictures in this post are all of the author, me.  The top one was taken last year.  One of the only selfies I have ever taken.  The first collage is from Christmas when I was 2 and my high school senior portrait from 1975.  The second collage features me as a young teacher in the mid 1980s and my Kindergarten graduation picture in 1963.  The last picture is my faded and creased baby picture.


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dd collage 1

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dd collage 2

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Special Note:  You can see my facial expressions haven’t changed much in the last 57 years.  I don’t usually like my picture so there are few that I have kept.  But as I age, I have come to accept my pictures as I accept myself, and am happy to share them with you.




I leave you with a little bit of sentiment about life, acceptance and aging.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

dd baby 57

All other photos and original content is copyrighted and the sole property of Donna Donabella @ Living From Happiness, 2014-2015.  Any reprints or use of other photos or content is by permission only.

80 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Timeless Images”

  1. smiles… it is so important that we do not lose this child-like wonder once we grow up… i admire people who are 80 plus and still allow life and others to surprise them…. so refreshing

  2. Being young is an attitude. Never let your age dictates you of the kind of person you should be by now. Smile more & don’t be afraid to get wrinkled… you are a human birthed with a fragile skin & bones, not a product of science to look perfect all the time… smiles… liked the photos you shared.

    1. Robin I am beginning to realize our mirrors may reflect our age, but our eyes reflect our souls….of pictures I have seen of you, you display a very youthful soul.

  3. It is hard to look at ourselves at times…figure out age and wonder where the years went…but what will come..that’s a good journey ahead i hope..

  4. I see…how wonderful way to express! Love all these: the lyrics, the thoughts and the wisdom that lies in them! Joy of life is in every aspects shared through memories, photos and the sensitive shared emotions from this post! All the best and a sunny day of sunday for you and family!

  5. The young sits so much in the smile. We need to find those reason to smile and the child wakes within. Lovely thoughts.

  6. I think its important to not lose that child within us, to still have wonder and be excited of what the day will be ~

    Thanks for sharing your personal photos too ~

  7. Thanks for sharing all those pictures of you, Donna. I am glad you have kept them and are willing to share them. I think it is good to reach that time of self acceptance. Who we are is who we are…..! I also know the feeling of the mirror looking back & me wondering just who is that person I see? Smiles. But the mirror cannot express that infectious laugh & the joy of a child one feels within no matter what the age. And, yes, there is something new EACH day to look forward to. Each day is new!

    1. Such lovely thoughts Mary…..I think looking back at those photos keeps me young and brings the child back to me….I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share them, but it was that self-acceptance finally shining through that allowed me too. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  8. its good that you see that child…because if you did not i would be concerned….though i imagine there are many that have lost that sense of wonder and playfulness of a child….i dont trust mirrors anyways….that child may be just below the surface eh?

    1. I too would be concerned if I didn’t see that child Brian…I have known many who lost that child…but as you say, it is just below the surface waiting for us to come out and play!

  9. Your eyes are very wide and open and soft. I was noticing the difference between your right eye and your left in the first “selfie.” What is sometimes known as the “personality” side is almost a black hole–no light inside, but the “essence” eye (the one that is most childlike and real) is full of life. There is sparkle in that eye. That is a beautiful thing. I see what you remarked on–that your expression is very much the same as a child and an adult. How beautiful you are!

    1. Oh Susie you make me blush…now my question- what does it mean that my one eye has no light inside….does that mean I have no personality…I am kidding, but I love the idea of the essence eye. Fascinating information as always my friend!

  10. I love your poem and pictures, Donna. You do have a sense of childlike wonder that comes through in your writing, your introspection and connection to nature. Sel-acceptance is so important as well.

    1. Oh I am glad that this part of me is showing through….accepting ourselves for every wrinkle and age spot is so important….I earned every one and am proud of them.

  11. I so enjoyed this post, with the wonderful photos. I applaud your selfie, the rare times I attempt one, all I get back are jowls and collapsing neck – and unmitigated horror, LOL. I see the mischief in your eyes and LOVE “a soul still full of wonder”. Wonder is the key ingredient for happiness, I do believe. I remember once my grandma, in her nineties, did a little sashay across the room to some music and I looked in and SAW that young woman she once was. It was a treasured moment. Her impish smile.

    1. Oh what a lovely memory Sherry…this was one of the selfies I was prepared to share for others were a bit of a horror….and I agree that wonder is so important for our happiness.

  12. Hooray for inner children.
    Mine is OFTEN the healthiest part of me. Too much joy is barely enough.
    And I love your photos. That is an acceptance I have not yet reached.

  13. I can identify with the words of the poem this week, there is still a child within me that seeks joy. My fairy gardening presentation starts with asking the audience to bring out their inner child. 😉
    Fun to see photos of you throughout time.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Donna.

  14. It is a gift to be able to look through time and feel connected with the inner essence that does not change, even while the body “ages.” Some things change, and some things stay the same. Nice write, and nice reminder! Keep smiling 🙂

  15. There have been times where I’ve wondered about traveling back through time to all those younger days. I was always really happy back then. So much adventure and imagination. I don’t like being an adult some days, but it is nice to see my younger cousins growing up. Reminds me of how I used to be.

    1. I don’t like aging or adulthood many days either Kenn..especially when I was in my first jobs….but keeping the memories alive and the child within going….that is the key. Now if I could be 7 forever, ah what a wonderful time!

  16. What is age anyway, but a process, i luv the fact that deep down you remain child at heart, we need that innocence, that wonder and joy sometimes to appreciate who we are and who we are going into

    Luv the pics , have a good Sunday

    Much love…

  17. I enjoyed your poem very much, Donna! How strange that we may have body aches and feel older yet inside we are still the same young child. This spirit we should always be able to connect to and exhibit.

  18. “She has fought her way back
    An old soul, still youthful, a child.”

    This poem captures a truth that many of us know intimately! I like the collage of pictures accomanying it. All of that lives at precisely THIS moment.

  19. Will be 69 in a few months and couldn’t agree with you more. It is the inner child that keeps us living, laughing, and seeking to learn. May she always do so…


    1. I do hide myself as an introvert, but I really enjoyed coming out a bit Laura. Many who finally see through that shy exterior get to know the real devil in me…..glad a bit of that part of me did show through here too Laura.

  20. I tell you, that mirror is a trickster! You sum up what many of us feel. this is an entertaining read, and the addition of self photos is fun.

  21. I guess many view aging as a negative, but I rarely ever think about it. When I took and put my photo on my blog in 2012, it did make me think about how I was viewed though. Just popping on a photo from my laptop gave me pause, but I said heck with it. Updating it for 2015 should be in the offing though, but now my hair is almost to my waist, so I would look totally different. Your post looks at you over time and change is inevitable. Something we all face.

    1. Oh I would love to see an update of your photo with your longer hair Donna. I do love looking at people over time to see how we change….but it actually has been fun to see myself over time too. Although I always feel like a 7 year old deep down inside!

  22. Such a lovely poem Donna! It gives us pause and begs the question ‘what is aging anyway?’ For me, it’s a journey. A way to gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Without aging, these are illusive to so many.

    You’re a couple of years younger than me, and last April I retired at the age of 60. A few people thought that was a bit young. I beg to differ. I barely have enough time in the day to do things I want to do.

    Stopping by from ‘Bloggers Over 40’. Guess that’s us?! 😉

  23. I just had a birthday and I find myself thinking exactly that when I look in the mirror. I remember my mom used to say that she felt sixteen, until she looked in the mirror…I totally get it now! 😉

  24. I loved this. I think it really expresses how we feel as we grow older. It is only our outer shell that changes. xo Laura

  25. Can relate to the “act your age’ and “be an adult” lines so well… always nice to indulge the child within us every now and then and know it is alive and well. Lovely.

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