Poetry Sunday: The Waiting Game



The Waiting Game



Sitting in the airport

waiting for the plane,

Where is the pilot-

here we go again.



Waiting for the shuttle,

where are we to go,

Does the driver know the way-

unfortunately, no!



Waiting for a meeting,

will it be starting soon.

Three hours later and no word yet,

oh lord, it’s almost noon.



Waiting at the grocery store,

waiting in this line.

Do I really need these items,

my patience is out of time.



Now the traffic stops again,

I sit and ruminate.

Six lanes going nowhere fast

so I wait, and wait and wait!



It seems with all this technology,

all the ways to go,

We are not really moving anywhere,

except at a snail’s pace, slow!



So what to do with all this time,

of waiting and nowhere to go?

 I’ll just make up this little poem,

and remember to just go with the flow.


©Donna Donabella 2018



I wrote this poem a few years ago while waiting a full day to testify in a labor case for a former employer’s dispute.  It was frustrating waiting in a room for 6 hours with nowhere to go and no phone…..just a book and a pen and paper.

As I wrote it, I thought of all the times I have had to wait in long lines…..the end wasn’t quite developed but I was able to revisit the poem and find a perfect ending recently.


These pictures are from a recent trip waiting hours for flights….a perfect illustration!


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.


I leave you with a few additional words about The Waiting Game.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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46 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: The Waiting Game”

  1. Good advice to go with the flow. Smiles.

    I think many of us can identify with these situations you described. We spend so much of our life playing the waiting game. The grocery store situation resonates with me. Seems oftentimes I choose the WrONG line. Sigh.

  2. Writing poems are a nice way to use waiting time. A friend once told me that he uses waiting in line as a way to rest. I always remember that but am not the best at practicing it.

  3. I have found ways to avoid waiting… best thing is to use my bike, and I always shop at places where I do the check-out myself… sometimes it takes a bit longer, but I’m always moving.

  4. You are a true Poet, Donna! 🙂 I admire the way you find poetry in everything around you. Especially resonate with the part about waiting in line at the grocery store.

  5. Yes, going with the flow is always best. But waiting is hard, our lives are busy, so much to be done, hord to slow down, and just wait for the flow. Enjoyed your poem.

  6. Going with the flow is much, much better than ramping up our blood pressure isn’t it?
    And interminable waiting is one of the reasons I almost always have a book with me.

  7. I can’t think of a better way to recover “waiting time” than by scribbling a few lines of poetry!

  8. Waiting is a trial when we get nowhere fast….
    Waiting doesn’t bother me that much bar when waiting for a hospital appointment already running an hour or so late. Although I do appreciate the reasons for this, for I would want extra time too if my condition required it, I can’t understand why some hospitals leave their whiteboard blank.
    A message stating ‘Sorry, appointments are running an hour late, we are grateful for your patience’ would appease even the most impatient patient. It’s all about communication.
    Anna :o]

  9. As a passenger in many cars that race to a “red light” I often ask them why the hurry up to wait.
    Great theme well covered.

    1. That is sad that we grow further away especially because of technology. I agree while we wait we should try and connect more with those around us even if it just a smile.

  10. Sadly humans have an unhealthy habit of gathering together and fouling everything up, whether it be roads, rivers, oceans, cities and towns not only by our presence but our detritus. We think we are progressing but like many nations in the past we are in fact regressing. Good that is my moan for the day, sorry you were the recipient!

  11. wow! totally in love with this poem and I aa a fan of rhyming lines and this poem made me smile!!

  12. So what to do with all this time,
    of waiting and nowhere to go?

    The waiting game can be most frustrating. It somehow happens when we are in a hurry or we are late!


    1. I think that is my frustration that while waiting I could be doing something productive…..so now I look for what I could be doing while here in this place waiting.

  13. Your poem is delightful and unfortunately true – we spend much of our time just waiting. However, you made good use of your waiting time and you did come up with the perfect ending.

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