Poetry Sunday-Shadow Side




Shadow Side



“Do you know your shadow side?”

She one day asked of me.

A perplexed expression held my face,

While hers was hard to see.



“It is not a place of uncertainty, or one of fear my love.

It is not an illusion, or a great mystery born in the night stars above.”



“No it is but a reminder, to show the way that is true.

To surrender, let go, lighting the path, the path laid out for you.”



“So fear not your shadow side my love, for it tells of great promises inside.

Embrace the darkness and set your shadows free with arms stretched open wide.”




 © Donna Donabella 2015




This poem came out of some inner exploring during a July retreat online.  I had never thought about my shadow side, and why it might be important.  And while it has negative connotations, I find it helps me to see the light, the positive in life and to help me connect with my intuition.


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Special Note:  The pictures here are of my shadow taken last fall as I explored my garden that was going to sleep with winter’s icy kiss.




I leave you with a few additional words about our Shadow Side.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

shadow side

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58 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Shadow Side”

  1. I agree. We had prescribed goodness to light, and shadow to darkness. But there is comfort in the shadow as well, as there is pain in the light. And to truly be whole we must embrace both. Thoughtful piece.

  2. Yes, so very true. We have to recognize both sides of ourselves….for they each are a part of us, and we cannot deny part of our existence.

  3. I read somewhere: “Do not fear the darkness, for in it rests the light.” It is a mantra for me. The Renaissance Italians painted using a technique called Chiaroscuro. Light and shadow. I don’t think we’d have one without the other. In ourselves as well. My shadow is a source of strength.

  4. Interesting concept and to embrace the shadow side is an important part of embracing the whole. Cool write.

  5. We need both. And those days when there is insufficient light to see our shadows are dull days…so when we are hoping for more light we are simultaneously wanting the return of our shadows.

  6. This is a powerful and beautiful sentiment. An old friend and I were having a conversation about this just yesterday — about coming to the realization that our weaknesses and the characteristics we like least about ourselves are just the flip side of the coin from our strengths and the characteristics we like best about ourselves.

  7. Beautiful wisdom to this post and I love this note, “This poem came out of some inner exploring during a July retreat online. I had never thought about my shadow side, and why it might be important. And while it has negative connotations, I find it helps me to see the light, the positive in life and to help me connect with my intuition.” I recently read a book that delves into this…Dark Side of the Light Chasers…it’s very good! 🙂

  8. I love the idea of setting your shadow free with arms open wide … letting go of fears and negativity … yet embracing it with self-acceptance … a thoughtful poem, Donna.

  9. Because I’m a redhead, Donna, I have had to make friends with shadows all my life, lest I join a family history of skin cancer. It makes it a bit easier to understand the value and good the “dark side” of myself, maybe, though I’m still learning to make friends of it. I really like your gentle approach to something we all must experience on our Journey.

    1. I agree Ginnie it is hard to even acknowledge let alone make friends with our shadow side….taking that slow gentle approach helps me. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

  10. I love the lines you’ve chosen for the quote in your photo, Donna. Denying our shadows makes us weaker while acknowledging them enables us to draw more inner strength. I love the formulation you used saying that the shadow side tells of great promises inside. How thoughtful!

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