Poetry Sunday-Night Visitor


Night Visitor 


She slips out from the shadows

into the moonlit fields.


Gliding, her tawny hide now black

under the blanket of stars,

she is mindful of her purpose.


Stopping occasionally for a nibble along the fence line,

she melts back to the cover at woods edge

to safety and rest.


© Donna Donabella 2013



I wrote this poem watching deer in winter a year ago.  It is amazing to see deer suddenly appear at the tree line, and then just as magically fade back.  In winter they usually appear at dusk making them harder to see.


You can read more about the deer in our area, especially the fawns, in my Wildlife Lesson post from last Thursday.  While many find these animals a nuisance, we try to live with them.  There are times though we do have to exert a bit of control over what is ours to eat in our veg garden as we provide other plants for deer.


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deer collage

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Special Note: These are pictures of deer that live around us and share the land.



I leave you with a little reminder of the magic of deer.   I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

deer poem

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62 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Night Visitor”

  1. aaahhhh…. so beautiful… there used to be deers in my gramma’s garden and we could watch the from the window… so magical

  2. We have deers appearing in our garden every once in a while. There is something magic in watching them appearing.. Beautiful.

  3. we have several deer that sleep in our back yard…so this is s a scene that is very familiar to me…
    they sleep under the grape arbors…its fun to see the family change over the years as well…

  4. We have deer here too; and so true that at dusk one often sees them. I just love them and always hope that my dogs will not spy them (from the house), as enjoy having them share my environment & feel gifted to have them live so close. I love your poem and your photos…..

  5. Such beauty. The photos are such a treat, and your poem sets the scene before us to perfection. We have a lot of deer here, too, and dusk is their fave time, for sure…….

  6. I love deer and standing close to them is a blessing. Your poem captures this very special experience and your photo is absolutely priceless, much better than nay I have ever taken.

  7. I’d certainly love to welcome these beautiful night visitors at my yard, too. Amazing how you could find companions in them. Thank you for the poem. I enjoyed it!

  8. Every now and then we have peacocks visiting our garden area, it’s amazing how wonderful one can feel with these wild animals frequenting our surroundings.

  9. I like that you share your space with the deer. They sure are beautiful. It must be nice to just watch them, photograph them, write about them. Great post.

  10. There is a beautiful wonder about how they silently move through our vision
    as if in a mist, isn’t there. So much love for what you’re doing here….your
    writing and images and the way you’re patching them together like gorgeous
    quilts…..just wonderful!
    thanks for sharing who you are,

  11. Beautiful and well written. :o) We are overrun with deer here and they often end up as roadkill. But they are so beautiful and I’m always excited when I see them.

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