Poetry Sunday-Life’s Happiness



Life’s Happiness



For here the wonders of the world behold

All wrapped with a stately bow,

Forever in my heart will I hold

My life’s happiness to be told.



©Donna Donabella 2016





I have debated about publishing this little poem as it was so short, and I wondered if it was finished.  But I believe at this point it is perfect.  Of course I may change my mind eventually.

It was created as a mantra to go back to in times of need….it says it all for me.  The yellow roses here are from my garden and represent ‘Happiness‘.



I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up, Poetry Pantry, for poets who blog.



I leave you with a few additional words about life’s happiness.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

in my heart

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45 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Life’s Happiness”

  1. I think that happiness often comes in small packages, but pain and sorrow have the weight of boulders… but happiness can still save us from being crushed.

  2. I agree – it is perfect as is! I think sometimes it is more difficult to write a short poem (with thoughts beautifully condensed) than it is to write a long poem which rambles all around a point. Keep holding that happiness in your heart.

  3. Loved this post … the mantra and photo illustration. It’s interesting: I just posted a word mantra for Poets United ‘Midweek Motif’, this past Wednesday. (The prompt was peace.) I think my post – and yours today – are the only mantras I have ever seen posted at Poets United. It must be the turbulent times we are living through ~ sigh ~ Peace Be With You, Donna.

    1. And Peace Be with you Wendy! I am so pleased you loved the post….your word mantra was indeed peaceful as I recited it. I hope peace can spread in this world through our thoughts, deeds and words….it is all we have right now.

  4. I love the last saying. It’s definitely something simple to remember and brighten up your day.
    I love uplifting poems. I’m no good unless I’m a mental mess. Which as I’m sure you can guess, are full of negativity.
    This reminds me of my grandma’s poem about her live for spring. Just how uplifting it is in general.

    Good choice of poem for publishing!
    A poem can touch the heart in few words. That makes it that much better.

    1. Micaela, how lovely to compare my poem to one your grandma wrote…I feel honored and I pleased you liked it so much. I agree a poem can touch the heart and knowing mine did is priceless!

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