Poetry Sunday: Judge Me



Judge Me


Judge me righteous

Judge me Sad

Judge with your allegiance

Judge me Bad



Call me liberal

Call me snowflake

Call me out

For heaven’s sake



These words no longer puncture

They cannot hit their mark

They only move to inspire me

To give my fire spark



To voice a truth being erased

A people’s values labeled fake

Every lie the deception ordained

Now I judge that the biggest mistake!


© Donna Donabella 2017



I was recently inspired to speak out again about the most basic hypocrisies in our world and country…..judging others and the erosion of truth. I wrote this poem in response to all the trolling and name calling.  Calling out the trolls and calling for a resurgence of sanity, values and the ‘real’ truth.

These pictures are selfies I created earlier this year when I was taking a course in how to creatively us photography phone apps.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.



I leave you with a few additional words about Judge Me.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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36 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Judge Me”

  1. Keep your spark, Donna! We need sparks like this to inspire flames. We need to keep truth from being erased!! I hope 2018 brings a change…………

    I love your photos, by the way. REALLY outstanding work!

    1. Thank you so much Mary…that means a lot to me both for the poem and pics….yes I think there will be some rather big changes in 2018 for the good that will shake us to the core….but we need that shaking!

    1. Thanks so much Sumana….I hope there will be more voices for truth in the coming year….I think on so many fronts the lies and deception are not being tolerated and we are seeing a wave with some elections….hoping the cause for truth continues. It is a long time coming back!

  2. It has, in my opinion gone awry…. with the exercise of all the “Fundamentalist” insisting the past will always be the future. How ignorant is that premise?
    Another Excellent prayer, Donna.

  3. I applaud your spark, Donna. We need to confront fake news and get back to truth and integrity, for Pete’s sake! … and now I’m wondering, who is Pete??? lol

    1. You make me laugh Bev and I thank you for that….Pete seems to be us I think…even the us who are unaware they are being duped….yes it is time to get back to truth and accept nothing less so we can bring back integrity!

    1. Thanks Sherry….I love doing the pics and especially the selfies….glad I am able to find just the right poems for them. I have another outspoken social-political poem coming in a couple of weeks with some more selfies….I am on a bit of a roll.

    2. I second Sherry’s “Bravo!” If people don’t speak out, then horrors will continue to multiply in our world.

  4. A timely and rather hypnotically rendered piece. I thought the form and rhyme that you chose, worked so synergistically with the content. You’ve created an awesome cadence, to great effect. This poem really ‘pops’.

    1. Thanks Wendy and I am pleased the form and rhyme and cadence worked well….this poem was a long time coming and I allowed it time to flow which I think helped bring it together….

    1. Exactly, and I think part of this was a lesson for my self judgment too. This poem has been forming for almost a year now. The first part a bit of a rant to those who at first were judging me and most of these people I let go…the second part is my response to the hypocrisy and lies that have dominated our society and government. The progressive, liberal me finds it hard to remain silent when such things are happening…and yes the rhythm was very deliberate and flowed easily as each of the 2 parts formed.

      I agree, an unusual piece for me but there will likely be more. I have another one coming in a couple of weeks….my inner truth unable to be silenced is speaking out and I like it. Glad you did too…

  5. The trolls can go find some other way to amuse themselves. I’m too busy writing emails and postcards, calling my officials and marching to pay them much mind.

    1. I don’t pay them any mind either Rommy. I felt it was time for me to call out for truth as it seems to be fading every day and too many are satisfied to get caught in the name calling and lies.

  6. We must keep these sparks (of truth) alive for it sadly seems the tolls and name callers are thriving in this present sad little world of ours.
    How did we become like this, where lies are deemed acceptable, have become a power unto themselves?
    Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter…
    Anna :o]

  7. We can only hope that the world does exactly what it has been doing since it began–turn. And may the turning bring something better. Or, at least, just for everyone.

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