Poetry Sunday: I Am Called

I Am Called


I am called from deep slumber
To awaken now.
A dynamic spark firing through me
Beckons me from hibernation.
Emboldens me to germinate
Seeds of inspiration.
And as the icy shield melts from my body,
I feel a creative fire building inside greeting the sunrise
On this first spring day!

©Donna Donabella 2018



As March begins, my thoughts turn to spring, a season that takes it time to show up this far north.  And as I await spring, I keep preparing by starting seeds early for the veg garden in late May.  And I clean and clear the garden as the weather permits.

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I leave you with a few additional words about I Am Called.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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42 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: I Am Called”

    1. Thank you Sherry. It is a rocky start to spring but that seems about right if I think about life. So I will just flow with nature for now as I awaken.

    1. Thank you my friend…..it felt right even though we are buried with new snow….I am ready for spring! And this poem felt so much more than just my waking from winter.

  1. I feel the same way about spring. As the world awakens, so do I. For that reason I am glad to live in a place where we have four seasons. If it was beautiful weather year around, what would bring about that feeling of rebirth or awakening?

  2. i feel the joy and anticipation in the words. and the artwork is so lovely. 🙂
    i live near the equator, so no four seasons for me.

  3. Not quite here yet… actually last week was the coldest of winter yet… but daylight is coming….

  4. I do love your poem and the picture. I used to love Spring too. But right now my eyes are already itching from allergy. The winds have begun. Still, I know I will enjoy the desert flowers.

  5. To me, this is the song of the seed, hearing the voice of spring, waking it from slumber. Grow, little seed, grow!

  6. You have articulated the awakening of spring, with such eloquence, here. I think you’ve caught that feeling of ‘stirring’ – you and the world around you – so wonderfully. A lovely piece of writing and artwork.

  7. I love your heart to embrace the why of your being…..to live with purpose and not draw back
    from who you really are and why you’re really here. To declare it and know it deep why you breathe
    in and out. Thank you for inspiring me to remember. This is beautiful, as are you:)

    1. To hear you say this makes my heart sing as I work hard to stay connected to my core and purpose….you have inspired me to find that core and remember the beauty in the world my dear Jennifer…thank you for that!

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