Poetry Sunday-How It Feels



How It Feels



I know how it feels to have lost,

As if the life I know has ended.

Moving through a vortex,

Not really living, just existing.



I know how it feels to hurt deep inside,

that intense pain in your heart.

As if a vital piece is missing,

and it feels impossible to move; to go on.



And yet I know it is from this pain,

 That the stronger me will emerge.

And the truer meaning of my life will be known.


© Donna Donabella 2015



I have these inner dialogues with myself sometimes when I am hurting, depressed or going through some unpleasant strong emotions.  Recently with my mom’s illness and weakening, some of these darker moods have shown up again to be heard.  And so the inner dialogue continues as I move through them.  For me, I know I must lean into these times of shadow, in order to move back out into the light.




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thyme flowers

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Special Note:  The thyme plant and flowers pictured here represent courage and strength.



I leave you with a few additional words about strength, courage and  finding the better path.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

thyme-how it feels

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91 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-How It Feels”

  1. Ann Lamott says it better than I can.
    ‘Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn wil come. You wait and watch and work: You don’t give up.’
    Though sometimes the dawn seems a very, very long way away.

  2. There are such intense emotions portrayed this your poem… like a heart filled with forlorn.. longing to be rescued… the vivid language makes the pain fresh and alive.. a very powerful poem!!
    May you always be acres away from any sort of pain and hardship in life… 🙂

  3. Inner dialogues are an essential means of working things out…the emptiness of that void..of just existing really resonates..and yet with words and our soul perhaps it is not permanent…it may appear again…but hopefully we move slowly forward with each minute..

  4. Yes, sometimes even as we are going through a difficult time we do realize that we will come out of the pain on the other side. We know that eventually we will probably have learned something…but, at the time, it doesn’t make it any easier. I always say…one step at a time.

  5. In the depths of darkness it is sometimes virtually impossible to imagine we can emerge, and yet most of the time we have that capacity.

  6. I so agree with Mary’s comments…one step at a time. I tell myself this all the time…dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s for five years and then his passing…he was my best friend and I miss him every day. I can relate with your comment about your darker moods with your mom’s illness…thinking of you…

  7. Touching poem, a walk in the shadows brings more understanding and comfort when moving back into the light.

  8. Dona, I love how the first and second stanzas recognize the difficulties brought by overwhelming emotions, by those times when life gets so full that we think we won’t be able to contain it… Then the last stanza takes the chaos/energy of those emotions and turn them into something positive. Yes, things have been tough, but look at me–I’ve survived and lived. Wonderful!

    1. P.S. This poem would fit well with the day’s prompt, over at my blog: “Estranged and Cut Off”. I think that it would work as a mantra many people living (and sometimes just existing) in the fringes, could benefit from. Do feel free to link it, if you like. ♥

  9. I love your heart full of flowers image – so beautiful. The closing lines of your poem are deeply wise………I am sorry your mother is in poor health. These are difficult passages. My cousin is going through that right now with her father, and is feeling terribly stretched. I told her “just take one day at a time, it is too overwhelming otherwise.” Take good care.

  10. Yes, we learn while in pain, but still its hurt…My thoughts with you, Donna…So glad, you keep writing, dialoging and talking with us, readers/poets…Take care …hugs

  11. Sometimes facing the darkness is the only way to spot the light that can grow into something new… Love your lines here.

  12. Hi Donna
    Again a post to linger with you… words that make us reflect, just quietly alongside you about our own lives about the words living v’s existing… I just love what you bring to my world Donna. I love that you always end with hope, and that you always give a photo with words to share…
    “Moi” of course is at the other end of the blogosphere with just plain flippant and silly… well they say opposites attract! Oh gosh, please don’t hurry my way until I’ve had a chance to move on from broken legs and toilet rolls…
    Love your work!
    Wren x

  13. I just retweeted something today on Twitter that comes to mind again after reading your poem: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” I think that’s similar to what you are saying to yourself in your inner dialogue….that even in the midst of the pain, the stronger you will emerge…something good will come out of this. Yes! Here’s the the beautiful outcome 🙂

  14. Pain is one of our teachers in life; it makes us stronger… although it hurts like hell going through it.
    Wonderful job, Donna!

  15. Sorry you’re going through this pain. It is very difficult, I know. But, you are right. You will emerge not only stronger but wiser. Hugs and best wishes to you.

  16. Each life experience is a lesson for us. It allows us to appreciate what we have and how cope in the future. The pain we feel is just telling us how much we have loved and been loved…and importantly what we can still achieve.

  17. I love your heart mosaic full of flowers.. Sending prayers for you Mom, I hope she feels better soon. I do love the end of your poem, be strong.. HUGS, Eileen

  18. It’s such a brave thing, to “move back out into the light”.
    Stirs my courage and I thank you for the shares
    that send that sweet energy out into the universe
    for the rest of us. Brave to come unhidden. Brave to share.
    Thanks for all the ways you’re brave (it makes a difference,
    you know. It matters. You do:))
    glad thanks,

    1. Oh my dear friend Jennifer…my heart is singing as I read your words…courage was not something I thought myself to be…but you have given it voice….thank you!

  19. I can relate to your words so well. I know what it is like to be at the bedside of a sick parent. I wish you strength and calmness of spirit through these days. I love your heart mosaic. I hope you find peace this week. I am joining you today over at Mosaic Monday.

  20. You have a wonderful way of sharing your inner dialogs with those of us who don’t have that talent, who still have the dialogs). Your mosaic sharing strength and courage symbols is lovely…

  21. Donna,

    Poetry and writing, are wonderful ways to unburden yourself, during times of stress and worry. It allows an escape from the tensions and the pressures, which need to be freed, but controlled…Putting your emotions into words, is very helpful and also, shares your situation too..


  22. I do not think one can fail to learn from suffering, to grow in strength and experience.

  23. A heartfelt poem along with your heart filled with flowers.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  24. Oh, Donna, your post of today is so sensitive, the lyrics are amazing, touching the soul, the impressions that you’ve shared with us!!! “I know how it feels to have lost,
    As if the life I know has ended.
    Moving through a vortex,
    Not really living, just existing… And the true meaning of my life will be known.” So thankful!! Warm greetings and wishes of good health for you and mom!

  25. Beautiful poem. I love the first para best as it has been happening with me since my mom passed away. I heard recently on NPR that we do not grow up until our parents pass away. That has happened to me since 2012. Lovely poem. I wish your mother all the health and you all the strength.

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