Poetry Sunday: He Watches


He Watches



P e r c h e d

Ever alert

Ready to spring into action

Clever as he amuses himself

Youthful exuberance

all the way

          to the

                     tip of

                                        his long




This is who I met as he eyed me cautiously.

Sized me up with those pale green eyes, curious.

Not too affectionate, but willing to connect with a touch.

PERCY-of many breeds, with proud Latin name.

‘Effective Hunter’


© Donna Donabella 2017



I wrote this poem after meeting this amazing animal.  He is a rescue cat that my nieces fell in love with.  He is thought to be part Persian and has an abnormally long tail.  A kitten when they brought him home, and 6 months old when I met him.  He made quite an impression on me, wrapping his long tail around my heart.  And this poem came leaping out of me on the trip home.



I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.



I leave you with a few additional words about Percy-He Watches.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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38 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: He Watches”

  1. Ah, I love the way you shaped this poem. It made me smile. You portrayed this
    endearing cat well. Cats definitely always size a person up with their eyes….
    kind of eerie in that way. (I am always relieved when a cat accepts me. Smiles.)
    That must be SOME tail.

  2. I think you have captured the psyche of the cat perfectly … Made me think of the Master and Margerita in a way… but much more benign (I hope)

    1. What high praise you give me Robin…thank you! When I started I was unsure how I wanted to present this poem and it just sort of flowed….I love going with that flow of creation….and I had so much fun putting this whole post and poem together.

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