Poetry Sunday: Given Freely


Given Freely


Sometimes in the most hurried, stressful situations, it is worth our while to remember that a smile can light up our world….it can light up the whole world.  One small act of kindness, can change everything around us.


So with that in mind, in a very busy airport recently, I decided to make it a point to smile at everyone.  To excuse myself as I weaved and bobbed.  To joke with, and be polite to the TSA agents as they examined my bag one more time.


Even if smiles were met with frowns, and thank yous were not forth coming as I gave away space at my table or in line to get food, I still smiled.  I still persevered, and kept kindness front and center.  Letting it pour forth from my soul.


And what was the effect of this grand experiment?  Well, I cannot tell you it made any difference in anyone else’s life, but I know it did mine.  I was calmer, happier and more centered.  Each smile I gave away, made my day brighter.  And I have to believe it helped shift the world a little, that day, to the kinder side of life.



Smile given freely

No cost exacted save for

Soulful connecting


© Donna Donabella 2017



This poem, a haibun, was an experiment I decided to conduct in a crowded airport.  To smile, be courteous, polite and kind no matter what.  Not an easy task when traveling as it is a stressful time made worse by time constraints, tired feet, discourteous people and knowing I am about to be strapped into a cramped space for hours while flying 35,000 miles suspended above the earth.

The pictures are fun selfies I created in a course I took using the phone apps, Pixlr and Prisma.


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I leave you with a few additional words about given freely.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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38 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Given Freely”

  1. The people you smiled at will not forget those smiles, even if they were puzzled by them.

  2. Ah, I like this idea. Smiling seems to brighten up the heart of the one who smiles as much, if not more, than the one smiled at. It seems to be showing that if we smile more WE will feel better. Time to put that into action. It can’t hurt & will feel good. Right now I am smiling at YOU. Have a great Sunday.

    1. How lovey Mary, and you are making me smile now too! Definitely it can’t hurt, and when I am down or stressed or whatever negative emotion is pushing through, I smile even just to myself….an immediate mood lifter.

  3. I even hope that the smiles where contagious… Imagine the snowball effect of all those smiles… that would be great.

  4. I wish I could hug you right now! This is such a lovely and heartening poem, Donna. I agree, we should smile at people.. who knows we might manage to brighten up someone else’s day? It’s a cycle really.. what we choose to put out into the universe comes right back at us. You made my day! Sending lots of love and bright smiles your way!

    1. Thank you Sherry….I like the way you phrased that….I recently learned about raising the vibration around you and then into the world…what a fabulous vision that brings to me!!

  5. I loved this experiment! It reminded me of an experiment the students in a course I attended years ago were asked to do. Each Sunday, we were asked to write down 3 ‘Good Things’ that we probably wouldn’t do that week unless we made a special effort. They could be any 3 things – but they had to be positive, such as write a letter to someone that we had lost touch with … attend a local concert …. etc. We were asked to do this every Sunday for a month, and then write a short paper on: whether or not we thought that being more proactive created a greater sense of well-being. There was no doubt in my mind, – at the end of this experiment – that we can make a big difference in our attitude by ‘owning it’.

    A very thoughtful – and thought provoking – haibun, Donna.

  6. What a great experiment! I’m sure it did make a difference to others, particularly those in the service roles, who must encounter plenty of grumpiness rom frazzled travellers – and how wonderful to discover the excellent effects on yourself!

  7. Experimenting at an airport was quite daring as people are quite stressed there and are pretty one minded as they contemplate that journey thousands of feet about the Earth in a metal tube with no ability to do anything but trust the pilot who you haven’t even met before. However I do agree with you as I tend to smile at strangers to in the hope that might brighten their day too.

  8. This is such an awesome way to approach any day. I’m so proud of you! And of course it’s contagious.

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