Poetry Sunday-Do You Hear The Sound




Do You Hear The Sound



Do you hear the sound

of the wind whipping round,

all the snowflakes swirling down

to light upon the ground,

as they pile up around

everything found!



 © Donna Donabella 2012



Winter snows can be amazing….gentle and soft or blowing, swirling and making everything white in no time.  During this winter season, I am sharing some of my winter poems.  This one was written in 2012.


Currently, February is acting more like March with warmer temps and melted snows. These pictures are from last year, during our typical snowy and cold February.  You can read more about our typical winter here, on my garden blog.




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swirling collage



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I leave you with a few additional words about the swirling beauty of snow.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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60 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Do You Hear The Sound”

  1. Snow?
    A virtually complete mystery to me.
    My only experiences with it have been silent. Gentle. Mysterious.
    I love hearing about it from a different, more vigorous perspective.

  2. My darling Donna,
    your words and your photographs are truly gorgeous, thank you for sharing all the love you have in your heart !
    Blessed be

  3. No – but you reminded me that i should and how magical it can be.. we rarely get snow but i love it first thing in the morning when it’s still and there are no footprints and you feel like you are the only one watching through the window..that has a sound..and a feeling..comforting as cotton wool

  4. A delight to see, to imagine through your words, lyrics… Snow!!! Wow…
    Always lovely; now, february is more and more like april, but without green buds or fresh leaves… It’s cold, but somehow beautiful, just because sun is up and looking so good… and the sky is different!
    At forecast…well, not sure! What will be, will be… perhaps some snow, soon or rain… or warmer days…
    *-* Till the real spring will come, it is still winter!
    Best regards!

  5. Oh, the intensity of the wind sometimes is stunning, isn’t it? We had an odd rainstorm last week,
    but the wind accompanying it was truly intense. I found myself thankful though that this
    time we escaped the snow. Nice pictures too! Always enjoy your Sunday morning treat!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I thought we might escape more snow too, but it is back and 3 feet in 3 days with bitter cold. This poem was echoing through my mind as I watched it swirl.

  6. Snow is so gentle… and I miss it… a lot.. Here we have great ices to skate on though

  7. This is a beauty that I avoid. Don’t like the cold, though I know there’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of snow covering all.
    (Thank you for your comment on my blog. I know you had a loss recently and understand. My mother-in-law died a couple of weeks ago. And I’m missing her.)

  8. I love your thoughts and photos of swirling snow and wind 🙂 A strange thing happened when opened up this post a gusting wind blew up outside and dashed raindrops against my window.

  9. Living for many years without snow I have no desire to make friends with it again. I had quite enough in England many years ago during austerity times during and after WW2. However I do approve of it on Christmas cards!

  10. We are still digging out from the blizzard of this past week. And yes, the snow creates a different world, cleaner and softer,


  11. Sometimes I do hear the sound of the wind whipping around
    but, the snow falls silently as it hits the ground…

    We are due for some snow this week…

  12. ah this makes me long for snow! the last line is a real clincher – so succinctly describes how snow finds it way everywhere as though the world was hidden away before being contoured in white

  13. Donna,

    I love that sound of silently falling snow..It’s truly magical and certainly provides much inspiration for poets. The silence and the white, white surroundings, for a brief time..

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