Poetry Sunday: Dear Truth


Dear Truth


Dear Truth:


My goodness I was glad to see you!


To speak your name~well rant it for a good, almost, 10 minutes.


You shook me upside down when I heard you speak.  And rung my emotional bell until it hurt from my head to my belly.


But you had to come, you had to speak, Truth.  And I am so happy you did.


Although next time can you add a dollop of love with your words so they don’t leave me too splayed upon the ground when you are done talking.


Yes I am glad you came and spoke, Truth, through me, from me down to my very soul.


Truth can set you free they say.  It turned me inside out and landed me on my ass.  But I had that coming.  After all I kept you at bay for far too long, Dear Truth!


© Donna Donabella 2018



I am bringing you another epistolary poem from a letter I wrote in April of 2016.  This one was freeing to write.  It seems when I hold back from speaking up, the truth backs up until it bursts free.  I am learning to speak up more and more especially these days.  And especially to those who feel free to lie as a matter of course.

With the #enoughisenough movement, Truth is a friend to many again and speaking loudly through thousands, finally!

The pictures are of a witchball; a gift given to me by a dear friend.  Historically, witchballs were hung in windows to ward off ill fortune and bad spirits.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.


I leave you with a few additional words about Dear Truth.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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46 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Dear Truth”

  1. Our truths come in many forms and sometimes we presume them too hard to bear, unacceptable, so deny what we know really exists. And with this comes baggage. The baggage of that that is the battle of denial and acceptance, denial and acceptance as it eats away at us and we become stuck.

    Last year my family and I finally accepted a diagnosis attached to one of my grandsons, something we didn’t want to be the truth and surprisingly, it has set us all free.

    Anna :o]

  2. Lies can only get us so far. Truth makes us strong.. no matter how simple or hard it is to endure… it gives us the strength… the stability we need to survive in this world. A most powerful epistolary poem, Donna!

    1. Thank you Sanaa….whatever truth tells us, when we try and ignore it we pay the price until we find the strength to take its hand and walk with truth.

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary. Even though I wrote most of it 2 years ago, it was still true today with minor tweaks. Funny how those cycles keep coming around until we learn more lessons.

  3. i loved the joyful mood of this poem! of course welcoming truth should be. 🙂
    loved the picture of the witchball too.

  4. Truth can feel hard, but in the end it’s the only thing working…

    Love how you used the letter as a form.

  5. Truth, like love, should be carried in our hearts; sometimes it will knock you to the ground, but still it’s the spine of our soul. I enjoyed reading your piece, Donna.

  6. It takes a lot of courage to walk hand in hand with truth. Luv the use of the letter form here.
    Thank you for droppkng in at my Sunday Standard today Donna


  7. This is hard-hitting. Truth is righteous angel armed with sharp sword…it cuts deep (but only for our own good). I read a poster this morning saying : “Lies don’t end relationships…only the Truth does”.
    A dollop of love would be nice… but quite rare.
    Keep speaking your truth.

  8. Ah, at times, truth can be painful, but at the same could be liberating. I loved this letters of sort of yours to truth, Donna.

  9. Truth is powerful. Sometimes painful. Always honest. And worthwhile. So very worthwhile.
    I have discovered that if I try and suppress it/ignore it the pressure builds. And builds. Until it is released. Released in a way and at a time I cannot control.
    Things hidden in the dark fester and grow. And those growths are not pretty.

  10. Yes…truth can be hard but truth is welcome….it can be difficult…but at the end of the day that is what is necessary.

  11. This post really spoke to me – both the poem and your note … your words: ‘especially to those who feel free to lie as a matter of course’ – truly resonated.

    It spoke to certain experiences that I have had in my life, and that is: those times when, it became clear to me that I was being lied to. I am far more jaded in old age, than I ever was when I was young – and that is because, I have come to realize that there are far more people who lie, than I would have, in my wildest nightmares, ever imagined. And yet, I still am shocked when I am lied to … ‘poof’ – just like that, any respect I might have had for the person standing before me – lying – is gone … never to return. And I swear, they never seem to have an inkling of what they have just done.

    Truth is everything. Without truth, there can be no trust. And without trust – we are, all of us, lost.

    1. Oh I wish I could just give you a big hug as I know EXACTLY what you mean…so many lies, and yet these people have no clue or choose not to give it a second thought. And yet those lies are corrupting relationships because of no trust now….and these people cannot understand what the problem is….I have had to let go of these people or call them out for their lies…so hard!

      1. “next time can you add a dollop of love ”
        !!! Oh yes, sometimes truth can be unkind.
        You still want it, it seems. Such high standards!
        These images really work for me.

  12. don’t leave me too splayed upon the ground when you are done talking… loved that line.. truth can knock you down when you finally decide to let it in… well said!

  13. Amusing but sad at the same time worrying about life when we should be living it, loving it and people and the world we live just in case someone asks when it is all over “Just what did you do?”

  14. This is very interesting and introduces a whole lot of complex philosophical issues. In a nutshell…the truth is not pleasant. However it is crucial for mental well being.
    Shakespeare the greatest psychologist in the world knew its importance
    ” to thine own self be true.”
    you must be authentic and not lie to yourself
    understand your motivations
    self analyse
    “know thyself”

    you may lie to everyone but
    you can never lie to God

    1. Beautifully said…thank you! Yes we have to be truthful with ourselves and others and both can be done with kindness if we let truth speak. In this way we connect with our true selves and with happiness!

  15. A fine poem! Left me shaking my head, saying: “How did you know?” (Oh, and I got a few good laughs along the way too. Thanks!)

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