Poetry Sunday: Dear New Year


Dear New Year:


It feels good to write your name on this page….another year older, new numbers for this new year.  And the new numbers come easily to my pencil and fingers.  Most years, I will continue to write the old year, correcting myself numerous times as if I cannot let go….not fully accepting the change the new year brings.


But not this year, 2018.  It is as though I have erased the old year and never want to write it again.  I certainly never want to see it again~or so I think!  Yet this new year looks foreign and foggy to me.  I am not sure what to make of it, except it feels good; stronger with lots of promise.


So I begin this New Year with these thoughts….I will Tend this year lovingly for myself and others.  A bit more kindness and love given.  A bit less judgment and fear.  Yes 2018, I am remaining open for you and all you will bring.  Hopeful you will make sense and bring some order to this world.


©Donna Donabella 2018



I wrote this epistolary poem in my new journal as the New Year began.  The flowers pictured here are commonly known as Amaryllis, scientific name Hippeastrum.  Red amaryllis are often associated with the holiday season, and typically mean determination, beauty, and love.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.



I leave you with a few additional words about Dear New Year.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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44 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Dear New Year”

  1. Dear Donna

    Thank you for you kind thoughtful reflective correspondence. So often humankind do not view me as an entity, rather as a void to fill or as a body with not enough elasticity to meet their needs, these needs as varied and multitudinous as they may be. I must admit that sometimes I overlook certain individuals and leave them disappointed, but please know this is not deliberate, it is just that sometimes I am so busy, well, I forget and thus let people down.

    Every year it seems there is so much more to do and as you know, I grow older (and slower perhaps) and find it difficult to fulfil all demands placed upon me. Who would have guessed I would reach the ripe old age of 2018!

    I am sorry I look foreign and foggy to you, but please know I will endeavour to do my best to bring the goodness and promise you see, hope for. I must also apologise that last year was not good for you and a time you wish erased. I am sorry, I let you down. Please know I will do my utmost to bring sense to this world and attempt to establish some order, but do understand I need you and all humankind to work with me in achieving this goal. My blessings to you Donna.

    1. First i want to address Anna…what a brilliant response…thank you!
      And 2018….I appreciate the dialogue….no need to be sorry as we work through our complicated relationship, and work together for all humankind!

  2. Sometimes it is hard to say good-bye to an old year, thinking of it as an old friend you will not see again – ever. This year, however, it was not hard for me to say good-bye to the old year. I am not sure I welcome 2018 as a new friend. I hope it will turn out to be – in the end. I do think though that I will join you in trying to treat it lovingly & treat others (and myself) with kindness and gentleness. I do hope that this year will bring more love than hate, more acceptance than prejudice, more hope than fear, more joy than sadness. I enjoyed reading your reflections, Donna.

  3. I’m really with you on this… some years should just be erased, hope that 2018 will be a blessing of a year… hope that we can come together and build new bridges.

  4. I like how you address the year with tenderness and care. Surely the year will reciprocate in some small way.

  5. Thanks for gifting us with a segment of this thoughtful Epistle. My sense is that wherever the narrator says to the year, she can say to me and to herself. I hear you.

  6. I too would always get stuck writing the previous year. Not this year. Perhaps it’s a sign that we’re more grounded in the now, seeing things more clearly, not fogging things up with the past.
    Anyway, want you to know I enjoyed reading this so much. I love your resolutions. They are mine too. But I must admit, I make these every year. Never feel like I accomplished the goal.

  7. Yes, loved your open letter to 2018. Hope. Let’s hope that 2018 will be a much better year than the previous.
    And being a Chinese, I will be celebrating the Lunar New Year in a couple of weeks. and yes, Hope. Hope that it will be a safe and peaceful new year. 🙂

    1. I love the Chinese New Year, and look forward to the year of the Earth Dog. ‘The Chinese Horoscope 2018 predicts that this year of the Brown Earth Dog is going to be a good year in all respects, but it will also be an exhausting year. ‘ I like that prediction!

  8. I am not sure what to make of it, except
    it feels good; stronger with lots of promise.

    That in itself is great. There is an abundance of hope to sustain it for another year!


  9. What a thoughtful post, Donna, and what supportive comments too, which of course I second. My very best wishes for a fulfilling year, Donna

  10. wonderful 🙂

    there is something about releasing the old and accepting the new, the possibilities and potential – to break old habits that no longer serve – us or others – to look forward with kindness and less judgment to be sure …..

    and thanks for stopping by chez moi too – hope you have a wonderful week!

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