Poetry Sunday: Born of Water



Born of Water


I was born of water; body

Surrounded by and made of creator’s tears,

Unwilling to enter this landlocked life.



And whenever I can, I return home-

To a vast sea, breaking against rock and shore.

Spraying me with turquoise delight

Swirling, swimming around my limbs-

These disappearing as I am reacquainted.



I long for this reconnection again,

For a homecoming.

And I will venture far on a pilgrimage,

To reunite my soul with my lost aqua world.



Each visit will have to sustain me,

Until I can come again.

Perhaps for a longer visit.

Perhaps to live closer one day,

Perched on the water’s edge

For my daily communion.



© Donna Donabella 2017



I have long known that the ocean is my home.  I come home to the ocean and am reconnected to my creator…..my soul.  There is an exhilaration I cannot find anywhere else on this earth.  And I long to be in its environs whenever close.  So upon a recent visit to the ocean, I was reminded of this deep connection….to the creation of life in the soup of the sea.  And this poem poured forth.


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44 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Born of Water”

    1. Your words always make me think and smile as you reach deep into my lines and see clearly my friend….indeed it was a baptismal undertow as I was gladly welcomed back to the sea!

  1. This is so beautiful, Donna! I believe we are all connected to the sea one way or another.. there is a strange sense of calm in the sound of those waves.

  2. I feel the yearning for the sea, the need to return again, to soak in all of the feelings & hold them until next time. This reminds me I haven’t been close to the ‘sea’ for a while. Great Lakes are fairly large but not QUITE the same.

  3. It would be totally cool if one day you could live by the ocean. I hope it happens!

    1. As the earth is mostly ocean, I would say both are correct although I feel the ocean much more as home…they say we/life was born from the soup of the ocean billions of years ago….I think that is so true!

  4. I also feel a strong connection to the sea…. maybe it’s because the way you can sense everything coming together with the sea… beginning and ends, the possibilities..

  5. What lovely writing. Though my ‘go to’ place is in the mountains, my husband and I periodically travel to the ocean to reconnect with our liquid roots.
    I enjoyed your poem so much.

  6. And I will venture far on a pilgrimage,
    To reunite my soul with my lost aqua world.

    One will always yearn for something dear to our hearts. Very true Donna!


  7. your words are so true. the very first life itself is thought to have been formed in the oceans. and in the old days, the only way to reach from point A to point B over long distances is by the ocean. and we are still using the oceans to move people and commerce. 🙂

  8. Once you have fallen in love with the sea she will be your constant friend and obsession life long. You are right when the first sea creatures dared to crawl out and explore the land our future was ensured and the oceans are still necessary for our survival even today. Let’s hope we aren’t so foolish as to kill them off and ourselves with our plastic rubbish and poisonous waste.

  9. I do believe we have salt in our veins Donna, a distant echo of from whence we came, evolved.

    I find the sea hypnotising; it bids me in with its gentle rush of ebb and flow. On stormy days, when waves lash against the shore, I find this exhilarating.

    I am a sea person.

    Anna :o]

  10. You must return to the sea. Don’t give up hope.Living near the sea adds another dimension to a life especially if you are a water sprite:) Today I did not swim but sat on a rock with my feet in the water at the bogey hole Bronte beach transfixed by all that wonder . Sherry got back to the sea so you can too:)

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