Poetry Sunday-August Muse


August Muse



August seems such a strange month.

The weather shifting in and out of season.

And those glorious golden days,

The hot sun still parching my garden.



Flowers fading, fruit ripens

And my thoughts turn a bit melancholy.

As the raucous noise of summer fades,

And friends depart for their long journeys home.



 © Donna Donabella 2013




When August rolls around in the garden, it is a bittersweet time as we watch the garden bloom and fade.  And while I love August and all the bounty it brings, I am saddened as I know it will be gone too fast, and I will be longing for its return.



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Special Note:  The pictures here are of one of the last bird ‘friends’ to leave our garden at the end of summer…the ruby-throated hummingbird.  These are pictures of one of the sweet females, who worked hard raising a brood in spring and summer, getting ready to fly South soon.




I leave you with a few additional words about August Muse.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

august muse

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76 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-August Muse”

  1. What a beautiful bird Donna, and I can understand that you will be sad to see it, and summer, leaving you for a while. Don’t forget the seasons seem to go round really quickly I’m finding, and in no time summer and your hummingbirds will be back again! Here we’re in winter and already feeling spring in the air.

    1. It is so true that the seasons will be coming back again….it is one of the reasons I celebrate each season. But here Jane winter can last 4-6 months. So much longer than any other season with no sign of the garden except for piles of snow. I think I may need to seek somewhere I can garden many more seasons and months….well it is a dream! For now I will bask in August….

  2. You have certainly captured August & its ebb and flow, its warmth as well as the sadness of knowing things also begin to change…and that friends go home &…..sigh…children prepare to go back to school!

    1. I think since retiring from education, Mary, I feel the melancholy even more as the thought of the new school year is gone and does not distract anymore.

  3. Love that photo! Such sweet yearning for Summer to extend its stay for a bit longer… but know that time flies fast and soon Summer shall grace us all with its beauty and joy again 😀 Beautifully executed 😀

    Lots of love,

  4. I agree…it feels like we are falling too fast into the autumn months and i barely registered summer – maybe it’s an age thing but i too would like those long, warm days to last…a beautiful poem..

  5. I no longer live in a place with 4 defined seasons but August does hint of change and rest. Already some of the mulberry leaves are turning yellow and falling — probably heat & water stress. I really liked your poem, Donna.

  6. The last line is a poignant one. I hole it’s a permanent farewell between friends.

    Summer is too much here in Japan right now – topping the highest temperature every day.

    Nice main pic too, Donna

    1. Our summer fades in August here and has already cooled….but I will savor each warm day….so glad you enjoyed the poem totomai. The hummingbird was a wonderful model resting just waiting to have her portrait taken.

  7. I quite like summer fading into autumn. It is once we get passed the beautiful autumn colours that I begin to feel a bit of sadness and start looking forward to spring and new growth.

    1. I agree…autumn to winter is definitely a sad time here for gardeners…..hoping the winter weather keeps away and allows us to have a wonderful long fall!

  8. I will be very sad when summer ends ~ So lovely to see the photos of the birds as the birds make my work enjoyable ~

  9. August is indeed bittersweet, so beautiful and melancholic at the same time. We are grateful for having been able to live and enjoy one more summer and we so well know that this particular summer is soon forever gone.
    I can relate very well to what you wrote to Jane. We too have a very long winter and would like to garden a little bit more…
    Here’s to beautiful August days and may your winged friends come safely back!
    Lovely poem and post, as always!

    1. Thanks so much Sara….I am missing my garden as I have an injury so i cannot garden….so having more garden days later would be wonderful…let’s hope winter stays away longer this year and gives us a bit more garden time.

  10. Beautiful little perky hummingbird………August does seem to rush summer away swiftly….however I adore fall, so there will still be many golden days ahead.

  11. August does dance between the clouds and sun. It always makes me feel sad as I know the warm glorious days of July are gone and summer is softly fading.

  12. Your poem has a bittersweet melancholy. What I love best is the rhythm of the last line. as a musician, it rings like a song….friend…long trip….then….”home.” Hard to express in words. The mmmmm of that last letter resonates in time and in the travel…home. Everything about it rings true.

  13. It’s such a beautiful photo you’ve taken of the bird and the way you’ve incorporated your words onto the image. Lovely.

  14. But still, how lovely it looks august in this hot summer… and how right you said “And my thoughts turn a bit melancholy…”
    I’m impressed by your lyrics and the content so sensitive and well expressed…
    All the best for the new week of summer…

  15. Another wonderful post! Your poems are always so filled with gratitude. That is wonderful thing to remind people of: that even when we are saddened by some aspect of life, there is always something to be grateful for.

  16. This is truly beautiful. What is it about mankind that we are sad when seasons end. Does the natural world count the days and mourn their passing as we do are their lives to busy surviving and procreating that they have no time for contemplation…except the owls perhaps so we call them wise!

    1. Oh I am pleased you enjoyed the poem Robin. I think we can learn from nature as they seem to follow the seasons and make the most of each day…..there is a purpose to those days it seems at least for the critters.

  17. the end of warm season does brings in distances betwen acquaintences, friends and family much like the change of seasons. it is a transition that must be embraced with diminished sadness.


  18. Good morning, lovely poem. I will be sad to see the hummers leaving, they are such a joy to have around. I am not ready to let summer go yet!

    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  19. What a great photo Donna, congratulations!
    I haven’t ever seen one in real life, but I would love to.
    She looks so fragile and little – how wonderful that she is a mother and raised her little family over Summer.
    Where do they migrate to in Autumn?

    1. Oh if you can ever see one Shane it is a treat…I plant flowers they like and put out a feeder. If you can believe it they migrate to Central America and cross the Gulf of Mexico to get there.

  20. So true Donna, that the mood turns to melancholy towards the end of summer.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  21. It makes me sad too to see summer go! We’ve had perfect weather in August so far but soon it will start to get cool. Love the hummingbird, so cute. I saw one recently but was quick to fly away! 🙂

  22. This so captures the feel of August. I love fall with its crisp air, beautiful colors, and the feeling it gives me of being intensely alive. And I love the relaxing feel of summer. But somehow in this shoulder season, we are too aware of endings to be fully relaxed (so much to fit in before summer ends!).

    1. Indeed all seasons have beauty to me James. It is the idea that we are closer to no garden and being covered by many feet of snow for 4-6 months that brings some sadness more than anything.

  23. Wow, even more memes. I enjoyed your poem. Summer heat is not leaving, this week in the 90’s, but before long summer will have passed.

  24. Ah, me too…I feel this ‘ my thoughts turn a bit melancholy.’ ~ but, great! we still have fall comes after, not immediately the cold winter…so some kind of comfort for me…nice poem, Donna

  25. It’s funny but I’ve never quite thought about the place of August for me in the yearly cycle…other than that I feel autumn in the air and FOOTBALL approaching! And apples! And everything I love about the colors and sounds and smells of the harvest! August prepares me for the season I love the most! 🙂

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