Poetry Sunday-April Spring



April Spring



The soul stirs under bright April skies,

Raw and cold, with warm sun, clouds rolling by.



Rain pours down and pools throughout,

Replenishing the soil; pushing worms out.



Everywhere in the garden is the rush to grow,

Fresh green foliage wrapped with bright colorful bows.



More voices join daily in the garden’s song,

First robin’s, then peepers all the day long.



And my heart quickens its beat on this glorious stage,

As April moves to May and writes a new page.



 © Donna Donabella 2016


April springs are unique and special.  The weather shifts from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, even within the same day….trying to settle.  This year it has been very unsettled.  The blooms continue to pop up more and more throughout the garden decorating garden beds throughout….much like presents with bows.


The flowers here are pretty spring bulbs known as, Chionodoxa, or Glory of the Snow.



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glory of snow collage

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I leave you with a few additional words about April spring.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

april spring

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50 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-April Spring”

  1. Each line is a gift wrapped with a bow of warmth – but the last really shines…made me look at your banner motto too – change, challenge, creativity.. – inside and outside too

  2. This is such a beautiful time of year. And, yes, each day more and more voices join in the garden song! Lovely photos once again.

  3. And my heart quickens its beat on this glorious stage,
    As April moves to May and writes a new page.

    There is a tendency to move fast into Spring and to hold on as long as possible before the heat of summer. And the beauty is the greenery accompanying it like the beautiful purple flowers here. Great pics Donna!


  4. This is lovely 😀 especially love the image of soul stirring under April skies.
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  5. Visiting your blog is always like a mini-meditation for me. Thank you for your focus on April beauty. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Yes, with each new day, we turn the page…and the “wonder” almost makes us forget the day before. Only with effort, do we remember….

  7. The couplets seem to take on a music of their own as one reads down the page. The whole post, poem and photos, is charming.

  8. I love, “and writes a new page”—what a lovely depiction of the movement from one month to the next.

  9. I do love to begin my week with your verses, my wonderful friend, I’m so grateful to you for this !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you most wonderful days to come, my lovely Donna,
    with much gratitude


  10. Hello, pretty spring poem. I am surprised just how fast April disappearing, May is almost here. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  11. i just loved reading this poem. there is a sense of cheer and thankfulness in it
    i really like to know and feel the changes of the seasons. most of the time, what i am getting here are hot and humid days.

  12. This is a wonderful poem Donna, and gorgeous photos. How fortunate we are that you shared them with Today’s Flowers. Thank you so much!

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