My Manifesto: An Innovative Life in 2016


“Making the beginning is one third of the work.”  ~Irish Proverb




As the year was coming to a close, I decided to wander out to my meadow.  Really a sanctuary garden, wild, with native plants, a couple of birdhouses and trees.  It lies just beyond the fence.  It is a place of quiet, curiosity and peace…where I can commune with nature and wildlife.




DSCN1160And it was here, while I snapped pictures of the dried and tattered plants, that I realized I had a full and abundant life.  I was lucky to be alive, to have relatively good health, a partner who gave me support and unconditional love, and family and friends who were still there for me.




I started to think about the upcoming year.  What would it hold?  What did I want to accomplish, how did I want to live out this next year of 2016?  I had recently adopted my word for the year, INNOVATE.  And I was thinking how this word would guide me.




DSCN1187I was also thinking what color this year would be.  I have been working with the Colors and Numbers, by Louise Hay, since 1998.  Each year has a number, unique to you, that matches with a color.  And when we tune into the color of the day or year, we can find more harmony and flow in our lives.  I have found this to be true, and I enjoy the colors.  Before I tuned into colors and numbers, I was wearing too much of one color especially black or gray.  This exploration of color was much more creative and fun.




You don’t have to believe in colors and numbers to have fun with it.  And when I explored this year for me, I realized it was a Personal Year 4.  But not just any 4, a 22/4.  Meaning, when I added my birthdate and this year, I got 22.  The color for the 22/4 year is coral.  And its significant meaning, Greatness.  And when I coupled it with my word for the year, Innovate, I saw a wonderful synchronicity developing.




This 22/4 year, superior accomplishments could be DSCN1164achieved…maybe writing and
publishing that book….it has been on my mind of late
.  It is also a year where I can have success, if I work on big plans for the good of the community.  It is said to be a powerful year.  A bit daunting and exciting, and definitely a year to Innovate.




As I tried to make more meaning of all of this, I decided this might be the year to create a manifesto.  A manifesto is quite simply a written declaration of my intentions, motives, or views.  And I am making mine for one year.  Not really goals per se, but more how I intend to live this Innovative life in 2016.




Creating a manifesto, is a work in progress so I hope to refine it as the year progresses….check in and see how I am doing.  And hopefully make this a yearly practice, if it helps organize and further guide me.






As I Innovate my life in 2016, I am living a life:


    • Seeking out new destinations to explore
    • Inspired by creativity
    • Spent in the arms of nature more often
    • Of new experiments with growing, cooking and eating new foods
    • Of new habits that facilitate innovation, creativity, health and happiness
    • Moving more each day; stretching my body, mind and spirit.
    • Of gratitude and abundance
    • Of courage showcasing my talents to the world
    • Connecting with more people, more often
    • Of beauty surrounding me inside and outside my abode
    • Tuned into my creative channels allowing them to come forth and flourish
    • Serving my spiritual and intellectual needs




Do you have a guiding word or phrase for the year?  Maybe a manifesto?  How have you decided to embrace the new year?







Special Note:  The pictures here are from my meadow at the beginning of winter.




I leave you with a few additional words about Innovation.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

innovation and vulnerability

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15 Replies to “My Manifesto: An Innovative Life in 2016”

  1. So intrigued with your writings about color and looking forward to delving into the link you provided! Thank you. Wonder manifesto! I don’t have a word or a proper manifesto per se…but my mantra is and will continue to be…not letting the grass grow under my feet! Life is so short!

  2. I love and understand so much the new style of life you’re going to embrace, darling Donna !
    Your photographs express this want and need of keep in touch with nature and I think them to be so wonderful, my sweet friend … the Irish proverb you begin your post with is all a program, it’s so true !
    Sending love to you, with gratitude and esteem

  3. I am so glad I read this post, Donna (written on my brother’s 74th birthday!), because I have just bought the Kindle version of Louise Hay’s Colors & Numbers. Stuff like that really fascinates me, especially since I have dabbled in Numerology for 25 years. The part about colors, however, is new to me but right up my alley, because of my fascination with coloring, as you know. I am very excited about synchronizing these two modalities, so thank you for the inspiration, yet again. And BRAVA to you as you continue on into this new year. I love how we all are intent of GROWING our lives. YAY.

  4. What a good idea to write it out. I connect with several of the points, particularly Beauty, Nature and Moving. I’m still clinging to Thrive, my word from two years ago. I’m adding Play as a channel to thriving. Your words also reflect my intention to respect my creativity and put it at the top of my daily goals instead of the bottom. The book sounds like fun-part of play-I’ll track it down. Good luck with your new year-I’m rooting for you.

  5. I love your inspirational and goals for 2016 🙂

    I must confess that I haven’t set any inspirational goals for 2016 apart from my ‘promise’ to lose weight and reach my ideal weight by July. I have made a little progress in the right direction 😉

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