DSCN3789Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.  ~Les Brown



I have been restless these days.  I am not sure what is behind it all.  Perhaps the fact that spring and summer flew by without me being engaged in the these critical months.  Months I crave for time in the garden and renewal.  But alas they are gone…and fall is quickly blowing through.  Soon it too will be no more, and I find the abyss of winter daunting.


This cold, frozen season will bury us under her canopy of white…frigid winds howling daily seeping into every crack and crevice .  Frost covering everything like an ice palace.  And while I love the slow, healing time of winter, I loathe its lingering.  It finds us in November, usually, and stays until late March and many times not leaving until April.


I am tied to the land here.  It is hard to explain, but every spring I am filled with a deep hunger to start again.  Plant new seeds and watch them magically grow as if I have given them life.  I can plant seeds in winter and grow them under lights, but that artificial light is not enough for them or me.  I long for the warm sun to bathe my skin and give life to the soil once more.


I have projects lined up to sustain me for the four to six months of winter’s exile.  Exercise and creative pursuits like drawing, designing and writing.  But there is something I am hungering for…it is a deep longing I cannot yet put into words.  Something is coming, born on the wind that blows through my life.  The seeds planted now to wait through this long, agonizing winter to come.



And though I have no words to describe it yet, it is there none-the-less.  I wait, I pine, I plan, I prepare.  It will be here soon.  And will I be ready…can I ever be.  I will embrace the challenge and change that waits for me with trepidation and joy.  I can almost see it as the fog lifts and is burned off by the bright light of the sun waiting to show the world what will be.


So now I hunger for this change.  A soulful longing brought forth finally.  Something I must touch, I must do, I must see.  It is an absolute yearning that I will put every fiber of my being into until I lay, prostrate exhausted unable to move any muscle.  It is deep inside me needing to be voiced, to be seen.


Have you ever had this hunger?  If you have, then you know it and I need not describe it for you any further.  If you have never hungered like this, then I cannot describe it further for you as it will make no sense until you feel the deep pull inside you.  But oh if you hunger as I do right now, grab hold of it and ride that howling wind for all its worth.  I know you will not regret one moment of being pulled, whipped and blown about as it finally lights upon the new green growth ready to unfold.  Reborn, newborn a passionate hunger attained.



Note:  The rudbeckias here represent Encouragement, Motivation in the Language of Flowers.




I leave you with another thought about motivation and hunger.  Feel free to download the photo and share.



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  1. Yes Donna, I know that feeling, I really do not have the patience to wait for Spring. We rarely experience the deep winters you have but the grind of dreary overcast cold and damp days do take their toll. I try to fill that time learning as much as I can and take up new projects for the winter months and always taking the opportunity of any break in the weather to be outside. You have included some beautiful photos too for your post.

    1. I think when life or nature are dreary whether it be snow, rain, gray or fog, we long for a change… perhaps that is my hunger! Glad you enjoyed my Rudbeckia from summer Julie!

  2. You’ve expressed so deeply the feelings that can come from winter. I do feel the hunger for the light to come. Here is one way to think about it–if it helps at all….Rainier Maria Rilke wrote: “I need no more springs to remind me, just one is enough for my blood.” That says to me that the explosion of the spring is so extraordinary, one would almost suffice for the poet. Maybe we all need a rest. I just realized that I’m writing out loud something I’ve never thought before–that the earth NEEDS this rest. It needs rejuvenation, it needs the cycles. Why do we have to sleep 8 or so hours a night? There is some magic there that even the neuroanatomists don’t understand. What is going on during that rest? What circuitry is being cleansed or strengthened? What dreams are being processed? I think we just don’t have complete answers. But as I write this, I feel some deep love and respect for the earth and for what it may need to give me the spring that Rilke wrote of.

    1. Susie, on the surface, this post is a bit about spring and the coming of winter, but I was also writing about deeper changes going on in my life and that I sometimes have a feeling, a hunger for something I cannot put into words. I know it is coming soon when I get that hunger. Perhaps that hunger and though changes do mirror the feelings I get when winter comes…interesting. Love the Rilke quote as it puts so much into perspective in nature and in my life. Thank you!

      1. Oh yes. I understand. I was just riffing on some of my own deep feelings. I just watched Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk called “A Stroke of Insight” and I am filled with thoughts about the mind and how *we* are like organic life on earth, just like the flowers and the birds. Don’t mind me! I went somewhere else I guess. Hoping to bring a different perspective for others to comment on. I was feeling such deep respect for the earth this morning, even though it is so dang cold and rainy. Donna, do you recall who does the meme on Monday’s Vase of Flowers? Sus

        1. Susie, I so appreciate other perspectives here. I wrote this deliberately without going into detail as I wanted it to evoke different reactions as it should. So I much appreciated yours. I just wanted you to know where I had originally intended to go, but now I see it even deeper and deeper still with your idea of us being organic like the earth. I appreciate all the different perspectives as they give such food for thought. I learn so much through the comments so I am glad for all your ideas. I’ll email you the link for the meme.

  3. We are (I am anyway) such a mass of contradictions. I love the pared back monochramatic elegance of winter, and the time for rejuvenation and repair. But spring always stirrs my blood.
    I find change frightening, and sometimes (too often) shy away. Just the same if your body/heart and mind are yearning for it, it sounds as if it is a clarion call for action.
    Good luck – and enjoy the ride…

    1. Soosie thank you for popping over and joining in the conversation. I too love the quiet, simple time of winter when I can go within and repair as well. Tie for rest, knowledge and contemplation. But then spring bounces in and I feel that same frightening feeling as change occurs and it is time to pop out and greet the world again. Almost like a caterpillar waiting in a cocoon for the transformation in spring.

  4. I am joining you in the hunger to dig out something buried deep inside. Winter’s looming presence only makes me wants to crawl into a cave and transforming myself into a bear. I’ve learned over the years women do not hibernate…this year I’m hibernating by nurturing carefully this hunger of mine and feeding it with searching for what I love.
    Beautifully written Donna xo

    1. Anyes I am so happy you have joined us too. I will follow along on your blog as you search and feed that hunger too. It is interesting that women don’t hibernate. I can see that, but I hope to slow and take time for me as I also feed that hunger in winter. So glad you enjoyed the post!!

  5. What I have been feeling lately is not so much a hunger but a longing. Longing for what? I don’t know. It is just a feeling of needing, or maybe just wanting, something. I think these feelings of hunger and longing are often stronger in the late fall and winter because it is a time of withdrawal and introspection. I hope you will write more as you forage to feed your hunger.

    1. I think that could be it Patricia. As we withdraw in winter we get these feelings. I will keep you updated on how I am feeding the hunger as the seasons progress. Thanks for popping in with your thoughts!

  6. Your words paint the longing so vivid I can feel it, Donna;
    beautiful, beautiful writing, my friend.
    Holding so much rich bright hope in my heart with and for you,
    that the hunger be met by a love so strong it lifts you into flight,
    into soaring in the presence you so long to experience.
    It’s such a beautiful blooming happening in you.
    Winter won’t squash it…..this is stronger still:)

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