End of Month Potpourri-March 2015


Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.

~Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You




In my neck of the woods, here in the northeast, spring takes her sweet time.  She slowly walks into my garden, and in March she is just beginning to yawn.  Consequently as others are showcasing their lovely spring blooms, I am still watching the snow melt.


But that doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in my garden.  And for this End of Month Potpourri, I thought I would show you some of the beauty of late winter.




The sun comes streaming through the trees and bathes the garden in early morning light as spring comes closer.



DSCN0403The trees glow first as the sun splits through the bare branches, even those covered in chilly ice crystals.




It creates a rainbow on the snow as it sparkles.




Early shadows cast a blue glow over the snow-covered garden.  You can see the melting snow is creating creases in the landscape almost like a creek running underground.




The sun at high noon is shifting its shadow, and glaring off the surface of the melting snow.



DSCN0757A couple hours later, and the shadows have moved farther along the fence playing on the snow.



DSCN0726As the snow melts, it creates ripples and dimples….making it appear as if we are watching ocean waves frozen in place.



DSCN0733And then it will shift, looking instead like sand dunes on a desert of snow white.



DSCN0749And there are other playful shadows, such as this one from the patio table, reflecting its intricate scroll work.




As we get closer, it appears as if we can see right through the melting snow to the water beneath.



DSCN0754And even closer still, a few frozen bubbles….



Those bubbles mean the snow is melting, melting, melting…..soon to be gone.  And all that wonderful water, in the snow, is nourishing my garden and the spring blooms that lie underneath waiting for spring to step into the present.





Note:   The branches at the beginning and end of this post are of my dwarf willow trees.  As spring has sprung, and rain takes the place of snow, they are covered in the jewels of spring raindrops.  Soon they will burst forth in pussy willow flowers.






I leave you with another thought about the change of the seasons and weather.  Feel free to download this photo and share.

bad weather

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50 Replies to “End of Month Potpourri-March 2015”

  1. Beautiful post and photos, Donna. I’m looking forward to Spring and warmer weather. Here the snow is melting because of all the rain. Today is foggy. We need sunshine! 🙂

  2. Breathtaking shots. Your snow is so pristine. The comparison to white sand was a bit uncanny, disorienting almost, as the glare of sun on snow and sand is so similar. Our area is well ahead of you (as is appropriate to the far south and west) but I will return to these images for a glimpse of chilled beauty as the heat and drought follow the appearance of our flowers. Thank you!

  3. Your early Spring light on snow is stunning beauty…..glad for your eyes to see and share such sweet transitions.
    We’re all abloom but so so dry; your gardens will be singing soon from all the snowmelt and support they’ve gotten
    in a deep root sort of way. Cheers to nourished roots:) It will be joy to share the unfolding with you
    when it comes.

  4. I would be thrilled to have had your snow and watch it melt into Spring, Donna. Lucky you. It’s still cold where we are…the same 40F it’s been almost the entire winter. A few days here and there might get up to 50F, so the buds are popping out. In fact, today I took macros of a pussy willow and hope they turn out, once I upload them. Till then, live in the glory and delightful shadows of these days. Spring IS coming, for sure.

    1. I love our snow and you know the impatient gardener just wants to see her garden soon. The snow is slowly melting as we are 2 weeks behind but the garden doesn’t care…so nice that you are warming to spring Ginnie!

  5. You willed by filled with such joy when you dig your hands in the dirt! I love what Jennifer wrote about the roots being nourished down deep. Lovely photographs Donna. Susie

  6. You really have had a Winter for the record books Donna. The Promise of Spring will bring a much needed change. Patience dear friend. Spring always comes.

  7. A beautiful series of photos Donna. Yes, spring is slow coming to our part of the world too. But at least the bitter cold and snows have stopped and the mounds of snow are slowing revealing my gardens underneath.

    1. I am hoping tomorrows bitter cold is the last we see this year…we are 10-20 degrees below normal with temps still….once we can sustain some normal temps I think spring will be here….glad you enjoyed the late winter shots.

  8. What beautiful photos, Donna! I love the sunlight one especially. I agree with Texas Deb, too–the “sand dunes” one is uncannily like White Sands.

    1. We get between 11-12 feet a winter, but we got so much in February with such bitter cold that it never melted at all…so now it is taking forever as it is still unusually cold. Happy you enjoyed the winter shots.

  9. A very pretty post…I love winter and all it’s beauty, while other complain about it? Your photos are pretty. But like you spring arriving here always does her teasing back and forth until it finally come. To be honest, I want to kill, (LOL) people who are already sharing their gorgeous gardens… freakin zealous! Stopping by from over 40

  10. This beautiful, Donna. Spring arrives at her own pace, and as we can’t hurry it along we have to enjoy the transition. xo Laura

  11. Oh my goodness Donna, my visits here are relaxing, and delightful….and a well needed break from well life….lol.

    I love the creativity that you are pouring into this blog,. It’s well worth it, and beautifully crafted.


  12. That is some really awesome photography.

    I have recently purchased a Rebel and am trying to learn how to get such beauties.

    1. Thanks Michelle….with temps staying above freezing, on the sunny days I see sinter slipping. I hope we get the 50 degree days this week and then we will see lots more snow go.

  13. I love the photos of snow looking first like waves on the sea and then like sand dunes. Stunning!
    Snow is melting away from the edges of my south-facing flower beds, and I’ve started to go out at mid-day and look for signs of new growth in the newly revealed ground. Today I saw the first nubs of daffodils starting to break the surface. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jean….I really explored the snow this year….of course I didn’t have much else to do with the landscape… 🙂

      And that is good news Jean as your snow melts. Here too we have more melt. It seems we are to have 2 warm days starting tomorrow and I predict much more will be revealed. I had a few crocus come up in a protected area for a few days before the deer or voles got them. And I continue to see more bulbs popping up as the snow is removed. Early spring is here.

  14. Donna, I so enjoyed my little tour around your beautiful, snowy surroundings. Of course, you are right, every season has its own signature flair, and until spring makes its true debut, you have plenty of potpourri prettiness to be passionate about. I especially love the photos featuring the white picket fence.

    Happy April and wishing you a Blessed Easter!


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