Creativity in Monochrome


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”― Rumi



This week’s photo challenge had us using black and white photography one day.  I have played a bit with monochrome photos in winter, but not when there is so much color around me.  So even though the other words didn’t have to be shot in monochrome, I decided to go with it anyway.  Words like bookshelf, peaceful, shadow and treasures were on tap for this week.  And like other weeks the themes overlapped on many days for me.



I hope you like the monochrome photos for this week.  I am linking in with The Weekend of Black and White.  I am also linking in with the I Heart Macro meme hosted by Laura@Shine The Divine that happens every Saturday.



This was the first picture I took as I sat in my favorite chair peacefully ready to take black and white photos.





The morning sun was shining perfectly in the back garden and on the patio table.  The pattern was perfect in black and white.




DSCN2951These are the Northern Sea Oats that I used as photos in my last post.  Different in black and white.  This is with the sun at my back casting a few shadows….





And this is the same plant with the sun streaming through it as I am facing the sun.  I love the difference especially in the light and shadows.




DSCN2943Morning dew lingering on the leaves that are tucked under each other in shadow as the sun starts to shine in the shade garden.  Very peaceful.





I experimented with taking many  shots of plants in black and white.  This Great Burnet or Sanguisorba officinalis has a burgundy color usually.  I like the texture.  I plan to use more monochrome pictures of flowers for my vase post on my Garden blog tomorrow.





Another grass that looks great in monochrome.  I love how grasses in morning light cast shadows on themselves.





A very peaceful spot is our pond.  The frog is enjoying the early morning sun too.  He even has a cute short shadow as he faces the sun.





This is a very special bookshelf that houses many of my treasures and favorite books.  I love the reflection of the windows and outside trees and gazebo in the bookcase glass.





And here is the bookcase from a bit further away as it holds more treasures on top.  I love the look of the room better in black and white.  I am sitting in my favorite chair taking this picture.





And saving my best for last.  This is a little hummingbird at the feeder.  I am only a few feet away.  These birds are quite a treasure in our garden much like the monarch in the first picture.  I love the look of this bird in black and white especially the texture of its feathers half in shadow.



I leave you with
 another shot of creativity…. sunflowers facing the morning sun in my garden casting shadows in black and white.  These sunflowers are a treasure as they volunteer themselves every year.  Feel free to download the photo and share.

creative sunflower

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40 Replies to “Creativity in Monochrome”

  1. Nicely done! The Sea Oats with sun shining through look like feathers. I may have to give this a try now. It’s true that in summer, it’s hard not to go for color but now I’m curious what a tomato might look like in black and white.

    1. They do look like feathers Maery. Black and white in summer is a challenge but it sure is fun to play with!! I’ll have to look at a black and white tomato through my lens.

  2. Lovely photos Donna. It’s wonderful that you are experimenting with black and white. I’ve been married to a black & white art photographer for many a year (as you know-:)) and it has been sad to see some of that majestic art die away with the popularity of digital. Patrick has a full studio out back with a floor to ceiling enlarger and all the sinks for developing prints in silver, platinum, etc. One of the things that was fun was watching Patrick haul his large view camera out to sites in the Southwest for example, and have people stop and ask to see through the lens with the black cloth over their heads. He has educated many a child in that way. And then the negatives themselves are 5×7! You can see a tiny bird on a branch from a hundred yards off. No wonder Ansel Adams was in love with the form. Once I heard someone say that “color photography is the movie, but black & white photography is the book!” I’ve always felt that way. Just look at that little hummer’s head–magic.

    1. Susie so perfectly put…black and white allows us to see the scene more clearly, to notice things we never could in color. I love reading the book more anyhow so it seems I will love keeping black and white in my photos.

      Oh and I would love to look through your husband’s lens too especially in the desert in black and white.

  3. very nice experimentation here with light and dark Donna – especially the oats with and without full sun facing. Resisting the capture the humming bird in full colour must have been great. Especially love the frog …and your toes!

    1. Thanks Laura and I thought my lily white toes were a perfect contrast…it was hard to have the hummer so close and be in black and white….I enjoyed the experiment so it will continue!

    1. I am thinking about printing some black and white photos for the walls. My walls are painted in beautiful colors that would accent the monochrome. I am so pleased you really like these and you think these are that good Jen….

  4. Love your black & white photos. I especially like your patio table. How wonderful it looks in black and white. And I’m guessing it’s a black table.
    I haven’t experimented in black and white, but from your post I think I might give it a try.
    Thanks for the photo, I downloaded it and might use it on one of my blog posts.

    1. Thanks Sue and feel free to use any of the photo sayings….BTW the table is brown but looks fabulous in black and white….I think brown sometimes looks even better in black and white.

  5. When painting a photograph I always make a B/W copy. I can see so much more. The shadows really stand out. Side note: When my son was about 3 yrs old he called movies black and gray. It does make sense. Through a child’s eye.

    1. Thank you so much….hummingbirds are all about the garden once many of my summer native plants bloom. They will remain until later September unless it is a cool month. I do feel lucky every day they are here.

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