Creative Challenges


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein


This week’s photo challenge was indeed a creative endeavor with words like orange, three and reflection.  For the most part, I take photos of my garden and the critters that visit.  But for this challenge, I needed to branch out a bit and find some different subjects.


The words for this week could easily be found in the garden, and I did take many pictures there as you will see.  But I wanted to stretch my legs so I started looking for subjects inside too.  And I also wanted to use more of the features of iPhoto to enhance the photos with different adjustments and effects.


So I hope you enjoy the photos this week.  I am still learning about photography, but I am also channeling my creative side.  You will notice that many of the photos overlap in theme between the words.  This was not intentional and I only noticed it when I was picking photos for the post.





I set up this photo just on the edge of the patio. I liked the effect of the orange candle.





The orange cone of echinacea.





My orange begonia on the front porch.





I liked how the orange utensil stood out.





This pitcher was to be for the word orange, but I found it had a great double reflection too.





Three was a challenge but I looked for things inside that would be interesting together.  These objects are on the fireplace mantel.





Pam@Pam’s English Garden told me about this book.  It just arrived in the mail, and I thought the three recently harvested heads of garlic would look great with it.





I loved the look of the three viburnum berries…the birds are devouring them quickly.





This crystal hangs in a northeast facing window and it captures the sunlight every morning.  I loved the reflection it made, and realized it also showed a three.


I hope you enjoyed some of these photos.  The photo at the beginning of the post shows three of the blue glass objects on our china cabinet, but if you look closely you will see some interesting reflections.  One is of me taking the picture!



I leave you with another shot of orange from my garden with some thoughts about creativity.  Feel free to download the photo and share….


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20 Replies to “Creative Challenges”

    1. Soosie so kind of you to say so. It has been great fun and we are only a third of the way through. Some days I say, ‘oh I can’t do that’, but then I pick up the camera and just go with the flow.

  1. I especially like the one with the orange utensil.
    Just ordinary things can make such a pleasant picture.
    Well done, Donna.

  2. You have taken not one but several photos for every topic, well done! All of them reflect your creativity. My favourite is the one with the objects on the fireplace mantel…

    I also liked this photography challenge when I read that you were going to join in it. Nevertheless, to participate would be too much for me at the moment so I’ve saved the list and would like to get back to it later. The topics may be demanding but also help to focus on a particular idea, right?

    1. Petra I liked that one too. I am exploring not only subjects, but perspectives as well with this challenge. You will enjoy the challenge, and yes it definitely helps focus my creativity with the idea for the day!

  3. A great series of photos for your photo challenge. The top one that goes with one of my favorite Einstein quotes quite takes my breath away.

  4. Looking at beautiful photos went well with my morning coffee. Love the blue glass and crystal prism! I’ll be happy to place little treasures like those in my own home… once my family outgrows the ‘anti-Midas’ status.

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