Conversations In The Garden: On Resting


“A change is as good as a rest.”
― Stephen King



I am not sure I totally agree that change can be restful.  When our lives go through so much change, we need a period of rest afterwards to replenish our weary bodies and minds.  Our lives can be so overwhelming at times.  So much coming at us.



And yet there are times when my life feels stuck….repeating the same things over and over….boredom sets in and what I need is a change to refresh myself.  And in these times change can bring about the feeling of rest.  A change of scenery, a change in routine or interacting with different people.  These all can invigorate me on many levels.



DSCN6101It is important to take care of our total health; body, mind and spirit.  But we can’t always just take a trip or be away from our busy lives.  In these times for me, I carve out just 10 minutes and go to one of my special spots.  Those places that refresh me as soon as I enter, like my garden.  You might also have a special spot.  A hot bath, a favorite chair in which to meditate, a walk to a local park nearby, maybe even a nap.  All can bring about the rest and change we seek…we crave…we need.



The seasonal changes can also bring about that change we desire.  Sometimes the change may be from a resting state to a reawakening as with the coming of spring.  And other times, it is the need to slow down.  I think that is why I love to see Autumn come.



With Autumn my senses come to life as I observe first subtle changes of leaf color around me.  And then I watch nature take hold as she prepares to rest….all her critters calling to me to come with them and partake in this time to slumber.  For me it is like going to a spa, or participating in a prolonged meditation.  I feel the same benefits.



fall rest
And rest is essential if we are to revitalize ourselves from time to time.  We can become so busy living our lives that we miss the signals our bodies give us…..subtle at first and then sometimes a hard hit to make us notice that we have been doing too much…..going faster, harder, longer.



Without the time to slow down and be gentle with ourselves, we will use up our energy and compromise our health.  Just finding 10 minutes once a day can work wonders.  A little chunk of time where we can turn our compassion inward upon ourselves, and give ourselves the gift of rest.




Do you give yourself this gift of rest and renewal?  What works for you?







Special Note:  The pictures here are of Autumn scenes from my garden last year, as nature prepares to rest and turn her energies inward to replenish herself.




I leave you with a few additional words On Resting.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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19 Replies to “Conversations In The Garden: On Resting”

  1. Hello,Donna
    You have a beautiful autumn now. “A change is as good as a rest.” by Stephen King. I like this poem and your yellow photos too.

  2. The garden, nature more generally and watching the sky are all havens of peace for me. And reading. Indeed I have so many of these places I am a tad surprised that I am ever frazzled. But I am.

  3. So true, Donna, rest is so important. Even taking a break for 10 minutes can make a difference. Thanks for the reminder! An inspiring post to take better care of ourselves.

  4. Some kinds of change can be restful, but certainly not all. I’m thinking about long vacations that take you completely out of your daily round of living. When I’m doing this kind of travel, I like slow modes of transportation — the train, driving a few miles a day, hiking. I still find it restful to think about a month-long trip I took 30 years ago that involved taking the train across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver ( 3 days fro east to west; I read several Jane Austen novels along the way), about 10 days traveling around the Pacific northwest, and then a leisurely trip back across the continent, getting off the train periodically to camp and hike for a day or two. That was a restful kind of change!

    1. I think those restful kinds of changes are the best Jean…I just came back from a family wedding in Denver….very low key, a nice time to relax and enjoy family. But I do need a long vacation out of town. Trying to plan one now for March to give me a change of scene from winter.

  5. Modern life does seem to be about pushing ourselves to silly extremes. As you say, “going faster, harder, longer.” Treating ourselves as though we were slaves honours the machine instead of life.

  6. This was a very moving post for me. I loved all your wrote and agree with it all. After just returning from a week away in a fast-paced city (NYC), I am so happy to be home in a peaceful place. From personal experience, I have pushed myself way too hard at times and paid a high price. No more. Debra’s comment (above) was quite powerful. Blessings, Susan

    1. It is good you too recognize when you need to go slower and step back Susie …..especially when pursuing your dream. I find I want to keep going, but know it will not be good for me or my dream.

  7. “We become so busy living our lives…” I was thinking about this on my very quiet, peaceful vacation a couple of weeks ago. Even though I’m seldom super-busy, I’m not always paying attention to the present. Instead I often use each moment just to get on to the next one, which has a similar effect to being busy. It’s like being the kind of listener who is always thinking of a response to someone rather than really listening to them. (I don’t know quite what to do about that yet, but it was kind of a mind-blowing realization, as I’ve always thought of myself as a good listener!)

    1. Mindfulness, patience, listening are all things I am practicing these days…they bring me peace and rest. I have to stop myself when I am not fully present in listening…and I stop others when they are not fully present to listen to me….of course I do it with kindness…some times not with family and hubby…..working on that too!

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