Conversations In The Garden: On Boredom


“I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.”  ~Louis C.K.




This quote, that I found recently, struck me as an in-your-face truism.  And I will be the first to say, I can get bored easily.  Or at least I thought I was bored.  Especially in winter when I am cooped up inside…ughh!  Now what do I do….sit and look at the white landscape.  Yes, the snow is pretty, but really I need something different after a while.



What I didn’t know then was, ‘I need something different’ was code for, ‘Routine is what is boring me’.  The same old, same old…..white landscape, too cold (or so I thought) to go out…..nothing new happening, ‘cabin fever’ feeling was creeping in.
And when I thoDSCN2001ught about it, that feeling doesn’t just happen in winter.  It actually happens in summer when it gets too hot to go out and do much.  And I find myself cocooned inside with the air-conditioning.  And then it struck me, how sad is that!



Did you ever notice that you will hear children saying, ‘I’m bored’ more easily than adults.  I know I did especially in winter, and toward the end of summer vacation.  Sounds familiar…..hmmmm!



I will even become bored with my garden….more bored by the look of it.  The same tried and true bulbs bloom every spring in the same spots.  The same bushes and trees leaf out.  The same weeds take over as I lose steam at the end of May trying to combat them….they’re everywhere….my God, they don’t stop!  At about that point, I give up and go inside just as the garden is heating up.  I know it is a sacrilege to be bored in a garden….but it happens.  What is causing this?  And really how can I be bored with so much life to be lived?



innovate3aSo am I really bored?  Or is that I need to shake it up a bit?  Try something new.  So I began exploring this a bit more toward the end of fall.  I think that is why the word, Innovate, really resounded for me as a mantra for the new year.



Like any activity or habit, if we don’t stretch ourselves, we can become tired of the sameness that comes from repetition.  Now some folks love the safety and security of repetition.  My husband does…..(Shhhsecretly sometimes so do I, but don’t tell him that).  He likes his comfortable routines, and when I need to shake up mine a bit, he unfortunately or fortunately has to come along with me many times…..with much kicking and moaning, I might add.  But once we start, we both find we like the change.



So there it is…change… is change I am seeking.  We fight it, we run from it, but inevitably it is what we seek…what we crave.  I know I do.  My brain craves new scenery, new scents, new experiences.  Some changes in the garden help….new bulbs, new designs….trying a few new vegetables; tomatillos this year.



DSCN1899But my soul seeks change as well.  It wants to explore, to contemplate life in new places, and meet new folks.  Engage in stimulating conversation or just watch the sunrise or set from a different locale.  To learn about myself more, and watch this woman grow.



So this is my year to Innovate….embrace change in my habits.  We are walking almost daily even when the temps are in the teens and it is snowing….what a wonderful experience!  We are planning some travel to see family…they are scattered around the country and we just don’t get to see them often enough…fingers crossed my health stays good for travel!  And we are exploring our surrounds…..going to the beach on the coldest day of winter was breathtaking!



Of course these are only a beginning….as I move through my day, I wonder how I can stretch myself.  Instead of reading 60 books this year, can I expand my normal repertoire or genre (mysteries and garden books)…I have added some spiritual books, memoirs and non-fiction to the list and love the intellectual stimulation.



DSCN1926So I am really bored?  Or maybe I just need a little shift.  A few more layers to endure the sharp bite of the wind, as I go out even on the coldest, snowiest day to find a warm, cozy world.  It seems just a gentle push up and over the hump or edge of that rut, I have worn into my path, is just enough to set me off onto a new adventure…..




Do you ever feel stuck in a rut or bored?  What have you found that helps lift you out and over that hump?







Special Note:  The pictures here are recent winter scenes, photographed through my windows.




I leave you with a few additional words On Boredom.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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20 Replies to “Conversations In The Garden: On Boredom”

  1. Actually I’m so very busy since we live in Tenuta Geremia that I haven’t got the time enough to do all the work there’s here, … that’s a good drug for boredom, believe me !
    Beautiful , so very beautiful your photographs of your so cold Winter, my darling Donna, thank you for sharing them.
    Enjoy the rest of our week, my sweetest friend,
    sending blessings

  2. Go for it Donna! We walk every day and the just love the peace, tranquility and the opportunity to share some good talking time when we are walking. My husband sounds much like yours!

  3. You have got me thinking here.
    I am very, very rarely bored. It almost never happens except if I am caught somewhere where I cannot escape easily (social occasions generally). I am MUCH more likely to feel overwhelmed than bored.
    Like your husband I love the security and comfort of routine.
    I don’t lead an exciting life by any standards so why don’t I get bored? Perhaps because there is so much to see and learn that I know I will never come to the end of it.
    Perhaps because I spend time wandering in the strange and crowded corridors of my mind.
    You have reminded me how lucky I am. Thank you.

    1. Now you have me thinking again Soosie! I think maybe because I dislike routine for so long that I get bored with it and need a change….but we can all take some inspiration from you my friend…there is so much to learn and do, so we just need to go out and seek it!

  4. I rarely feel bored, but there are times when I feel uninspired and struggle to find motivation to do anything…

    At those times I really have to focus and become inspired.

  5. I only feel bored when I am doing something I don’t want to do, which is basically when I’m at my job. In my own personal life, because there is so little of it — never bored! And I’m always surprised that any one could feel that way except at work. Now lonely, that’s an emotion that is pretty constant and I haven’t found a cure for.

    1. I too felt bored at work many times….but since retiring and working on health issues, I think boredom sets in more….it just is a signal for me to change things up as I can. Which is why I think bored means something different to each of us. Yes lonely is a tough one!

  6. I seldom feel bored, but I sometimes have trouble settling down to focus on just one thing. As I child, I uttered the words “I’m bored” just about every August, when I was eager to get back to school. My mother always responded by putting me to work cleaning out all the lower cupboards in the kitchen — not quite the antidote I was looking for. 😐 When my niece was in first grade, she had trouble getting the right word to describe her restlessness and instead used to say, “I’m boring.” It always gave everyone a chuckle, but maybe she was on to something. Maybe boredom has more to do with our inner resources than with what’s out there for us to do.

    1. That is interesting Jean…I think your niece may have been on to something. I feel that boredom when I know I need to make changes so I do believe it is about those inner resources that show us how to effect the change for ourselves.

  7. Donna, I totally agree ~ how can anyone get bored with so much to do and see. I love to “innovate” ~ what a wonderful action verb, to try something new and create. In the winter, I also tend to do many indoor projects and crafts. You’ve got to keep the imagination active! 🙂

  8. Ohhhh, Donna… Boredom is one of my besetting sins. It’s one reason I’ve always loved books and learning and long walks and travel, and have found chronic illness so very trying. Routine is a helpful coping mechanism for illness—it does half my “thinking” on days when my brain isn’t working well—so I’m grateful to it, but it turns into a rut very easily. I do find it useful in small doses, though—a push to innovate, as you say.

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