Beyond Words: Winter At The Lake


“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one; each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.”  ~Paulo Coelho




So we are back again to explore a beautiful spot that lies just across the street….a mere 10 minute walk from my front door.  Several months ago, I started a new series called, Beyond Words.  I wanted to showcase different spots I find, in pictures, with as few words as possible.  I have been focusing on the lake across the street; already seen in late summer, and again in late autumn.



It was time, now that winter was here, to venture across the street after our first big snowstorm, and a foot of fresh snow.  In autumn I visited on the unseasonably warmest day in November.  And on this winter’s day, in early January, it was the coldest day.  I was in many layers bracing myself against wind chills near -20 degrees.  It was so cold I couldn’t stay out for more than 15 minutes without my fingers turning numb, even though I was wearing gloves made for this severe cold.



But regardless, I was drawn back to this beach, this place, to see its beauty now in winter.  So let’s go to the lake…….





It isn’t surprising that no one is here.  I did find a few footprints of another brave explorer.  How desolate it looks, yet very calm and serene.




DSCN2020I have never walked on a snow-covered beach before.  I felt a bit giddy, and just like when I was a child seeing the beach spread out before me….drawing me in.  Knowing I could stay here forever.




DSCN2019Oh the soft feel of the sand beneath the snow….such a different experience.  Looking to the right, is the area where I saw the soft grassy jetty in late summer.  Now it’s icy and snow-covered, but it appears someone is visiting.  Let’s look closer.




geese collageThe gentle waves have frozen in place close to the shore, but there is open water near the jetty.  The wind has stopped and the lake is like glass.  A flock of Canada geese are feeding here in the warmer open water.  They will soon leave as the cold air and winter weather are finally settling in.




DSCN2044And if I shift my gaze a bit to the left and close up, I see the grassy shore now draped in its wintry cloak.




DSCN2045As I pan back, I can see more of this beautiful cove with the pristine beach.  I didn’t want to walk on it.  So instead I shifted back to face the water, and moved a bit forward.




ice collageAnd I took in the view of the lake in front of me.  Snowy beach meeting frozen water’s edge.  Frosty frozen water meeting ripply waves caught in winter’s icy grip, then open water, more ice and the deep blue lake beyond still not frozen.




more geese collage

And out in that open water are more geese.




other shore collageIf I stretch my gaze to the other shore, I see a foggy haze out in the middle of the lake where the warm water meets the frigid winter’s air.  One of the amazing sights on this day was all the blue.  The blue of the sky meeting the many shades of blue of the water.




snowy bench collageAnd as I shift my gaze left again, even the snow in shadow is blue.  Do you remember this bench from the last post?




DSCN2050It is already getting too cold, so I turn to go.




DSCN2048I’ve left my own path….my tracks in the snow here today.




frozen beach collageThere are no children playing on this day as there were in autumn.  I couldn’t resist photographing this sign again.  The thoughts of swimming here are farthest from my mind on this day.




DSCN2015One last look before I hurry to the waiting, warm car.  Soon enough this picnic spot will be filled to capacity with people celebrating the coming of beach weather.




DSCN2051Before I get in the car, ahead of me I see the sun blazing off the snow, almost blinding me as it illuminates the trees far on the other side of the parking lot.




DSCN2053As we were driving away, I was struck by the beauty of the trees no longer colored in their magnificent yellow and orange autumn cloak.  Now instead, they sparkle in their winter jewels.




DSCN2054Each scene more wondrous….




DSCN2055My soul drinking in every awe-inspiring view as we wound our way to the street, and back home.  It is amazing what wonders lay just 10 minutes away, waiting for us!


I’ll be back to visit this spot one more time in spring to give you a glimpse of its splendor, before the beach opens.  With this post, I am linking in with Judith@Lavender Cottage who hosts Mosaic Monday.



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Special Note:  Oneida Lake is the largest lake entirely within New York State.  It has a surface area of 79.8 square miles, and is located northeast of Syracuse and near the Great Lakes.  There are several parks, marinas and beaches along this lake that spans several counties.




I leave you with a few additional thoughts about nature’s heart.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

nature-winter lake

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22 Replies to “Beyond Words: Winter At The Lake”

  1. Lovely post Donna, the lake is absolutely beautiful clothed in snow. Is that minus 20F? Thats seriously cold, no wonder you were only able to be there briefly. I hope temperatures rise again for you.

    1. Yes Julie it was -20F that day with the wind blowing. It has warmed and we really have only had a few very cold days compared to other winters. Today is bitter and we are getting snow, now 24 hours of it with little breaks…2 feet has fallen again, after it had all melted in the first days of February. The coldest days yet this weekend. A high of 5F for Saturday with wind chills dipping to -20 to -30F.

  2. I love the Coelho’s quote with which you begin your post, and your shots, well, they truly amaze me and leave me breatlhess !
    Thank you for sharing all this Beauty, my dearest Donna,
    may your day be blessed with so much Joy,
    sending heartfelt love and gratitude,

  3. So, so lovely, Donna. I’m surprised at the open water. Does the lake not freeze? A fan of Paulo Coelho, his quote is perfect for your picturesque post.

    1. Thanks Joey. Yes it is a shallow lake and freezes. It is frozen now, but at the time of my visit in early January, we had had such a warm winter and no snow so the lake had lots of open water.

  4. Hello, I enjoyed this beautiful lake scenery and my walk with you! I was glad to do the walk from my warm house. Your photos and post are lovely. Thanks for sharing the beauty! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. These photos are spectacular! How I have missed a good snowfall this winter. Although we were so cold the past few days (-30C / windchill -40C), it is starting to warm up now. Your photos have inspired me to get out in that sunshine today for a walk down to our own lake (Lake Ontario) for a little photo shoot.

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