Beyond Words: Autumn At The Lake


“When you sit tranquilly, you set a great example to the people who rush around in panic and thus you show the crazy waves the beauty of being a calm lake!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan




In my Seasonal Celebrations post, on my gardening blog, I talked about what I wanted to focus on for autumn, and I decided to take in more of the world around me through some local  field trips.



So a couple of months ago, I started a new series, called Beyond Words.  I wanted to showcase different spots I find, in pictures, with as few words as possible.  For my first post, I traveled the short 10 minute walk to the lake across the street to see it in late summer.



And here we were again, at the lake in mid-Autumn, to see how the views had changed.  It was unseasonably warm in November, so there was lots of color and activity at the lake.  And little did I know when I wrote this, that December weather would also be warm and still looking like fall with no snow.



So let’s go to the lake…….



Children were playing on the beach and playground as it was 75 degrees, and a perfectly clear day.




geese collage

Beyond the children were hundreds of geese spread out from shore.  A few ducks and seagulls were mixed into the group, but the ducks are few and far between as it is duck season.  Many mornings, at sunrise, we can hear the loud gunshots.  Poor ducks.




autumn fisherman collage

And the fisherman were out on the lake still.  There were about 6 fishing boats I could see, and this lone fisherman who had waded into the shallow water.  In my last post, there was a fisherman who had waded in.  I wonder if it is the same fisherman?  This time the water was cooler so he was wearing his waders.





One of the first things we noticed, besides the trees, was the sandy shore.  It was now covered in grass as the beach grooming stopped in August.




And with the lack of beach grooming, there was lots of grassy debris along with seaweed and leaves stretching at least three feet up the beach from the edge of the water.





The grassy jetty that had reached out into the water in late summer was now gone, along with the plants along the shoreline.





Continuing to scan toward shore, you can see the grasses declining and the barren woods giving you a view of the water on the other side of the jetty.





And if we come ashore we can see this lovely path ending at a bench to take in the views from either side…..let’s get in closer.





I love this peaceful view.  A spot I must remember to visit more often.




lake woods collage

As I turned from the water, I saw this magnificent sight of leaves in their full splendor….still hanging on.  There is a mix of American Tilden, White Ash (already leafless) and Maple trees here.  The woods are so dense in summer and early fall…..a wonderful shady spot now partially barren, and blazing with the early afternoon light this November day.





This is our first view as we get close to the lake, and it is also our last as we turn to walk back.  If you look at the summer post from Oneida Lake, you can see some of the dramatic changes that have taken place during autumn at the lake.


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Special Note:  Oneida Lake is the largest lake entirely within New York State.  It has a surface area of 79.8 square miles, and is located northeast of Syracuse and near the Great Lakes.  There are several parks, marinas and beaches along this lake that spans several counties.




I leave you with a few additional thoughts about lakes and how they can draw us in.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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18 Replies to “Beyond Words: Autumn At The Lake”

  1. I really enjoy out of all your amazing images, the declining grassed one – there’re so many beautiful layers and subtle shifts in color…absolutely stunning. A wonderful post, Donna!!

  2. What a beautiful tranquil place you have near your home. It is a real treasure! Thank you for this tour.

  3. Water is so relaxing… I couldn’t bear to live without water around me, must be the Pisces in me! I love the warmth of your autumn/winter snaps, the kids playing and the men fishing and the crunchy leaves with the surprise of sunshine – Happy and joyous!
    Wren x

  4. Lovely images of the lake and the woods. I like the shot of the children playing near the water and the shot of the bench with the view. Lovely trees and images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. In spite of the unseasonable warm weather, I really noticed the seasonal changes! We moved away from our Oregon Lake and your post makes me miss it. ( we’re in Florida for the winter now … And anyway, the Lake we used to live on is empty now, as it is a reservoir really). Beautiful restful photos in your pos t here and meditative words … I’m not sure about the venom analogy in the last quote tho … I think of all water as life giving!

    1. Yes the seasons continue to shift a bit even with the warmth. The last quote is more about venom that moves through our veins and there is no cure…just like the love of water and the need to be near water, once it is in our veins we have no cure. We must get our time with it like my lake….have a wonderful winter in FL.

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