“The work that must be done for each woman to reconnect with her psyche and to give herself a chance to live her own life is essentially the same. The realization of the equality of all races, the equality of all beings is essential.”  ~Betty Buckley



I think often about the way we treat one another, and how we treat all beings….wise words from Betty Buckley.  Not just referring to humans, but all creatures.  The importance of this statement is often overlooked in our world today.



Without my connection to all, I find I am lost.  And I believe it is why I crave quiet, alone time in nature.  To reconnect with my basic roots….my DNA…the smallest particles that are found in all parts of the universe….we come from the same Source.  And I find my connection to the Source strongest in nature.



DSCN8995As I move along in my journey of SOARING this year, I have found one important aspect for allowing me to Soar is self-care.  And essential to that care is maintaining my connection to the Source… can call it whatever you like (God, Allah, The Supreme Being), but that Source is life and life-giving for me.



People talk about unplugging, and de-stressing.  I know no better way than to immerse myself in the natural world.  As I write this, the gentle breeze is wafting in from outside.  And carried on that soft kiss of air, is the sound of birds.  Each calling to a mate, each singing a song as eggs are laid in new formed nests.  And with each strain of their songs, my heart is lighter, my body relaxed, my face is smiling….all of it even my eyes.  There is no tension in my shoulders or ache in my back.



Just being here with no agenda or purpose…no camera.  The raw me in this raw world where scents delight from perfumed garden…the smell of earth and grass bring me back to my primal self.  And I take deep, lingering breaths as I cannot get enough to fill my lungs…to fill my soul.



IMG_3343And if I am here long enough, I can feel roots beginning to grow again from my feet, firmly gripping the ground.  Feeling a part of this place where I belong.  Those roots grow deeper with each time I come back….each time I let myself linger.



I crave this time.  My body, my heart, my soul all tell me when to come back….often please they whisper.  Even if it is just to catch a breath of this fresh, clean air as it brings back the memories in each cell…relaxing each muscle….all parts of me.  Sometimes that is all I need.



But I think now maybe I need more.  More time here to just be with me….be with all the beings surrounding me with wonder that will move me to tears of immense joy.  Yes this is how I will heal myself….to find the truer me that sometimes hides behind the folds of her brain too much in the thinking world, and not enough here….to just be…in this moment, with no agenda…only time to linger a bit longer please.





Note:   In the Language of Flowers, red roses represent unity.  I find my reconnection to and a great unity with my garden where I grow these red roses.






I leave you with another thought about reconnecting.  Feel free to download this photo and share.


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