Poetry Sunday-Upon Spring’s Wing



Upon Spring’s Wing

Spring glides in slowly on her soft, gentle wing.

She floats down easily warmth touching everything.

In the garden now bare, stirring the senses throughout,

The critters are returning with joyful song and shouts.



The drifting scents linger and stir me awake,

From my winter doldrums and meditative state.

Time to wake up, it’s the return of the season,

Where gardeners everywhere lose all reason.



© Donna Donabella 2014



This poem was written last April as I was thinking of spring, and watching each new bloom break through the soil.  Spring is definitely my favorite season, and one where all gardeners will do just about anything to finally plunge their hands into the just thawed soil.


With two warm days, our snow has melted into long deep puddles.  I suspect by next weekend, I will be plunging my hands into some garden soil as I plant peas and lettuces.


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 glory of snow collage

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Special Note:  The Glory of the Snow blooms pictured here are one of the first blooms that herald in spring in my garden.  They have not appeared yet, but they will be blooming soon.




I leave you with a few words about the gentle glide of spring.

spring glides in

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72 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Upon Spring’s Wing”

  1. Ah, it is wonderful when the scents of spring return…and one sees ‘critters’ emerging after the long winter! And what a joy to think about planting a new crop! Happy Spring to you.

  2. Your waiting will not be in vain, Donna. You already have the Spring inside you and it blooms brightly in what you do & write. Smiles. Happy Easter to you & yours!

  3. Lovely poem & beautiful photos, Donna. Before you know it, you’ll be able to garden again. Still a little chilly here but the snow has melted.No flowers yet but they will bloom soon! 🙂

    1. Surprisingly I have a few blooms and it is chilly today…but this week is supposed to warm so lots of blooms will pop by the end of the week. Happy Spring.

  4. very delightful poem Donna; and your photos are lovely accompaniment

    thanks foe dropping in at my Sunday Lime; Happy Easter

    much love

  5. Happy Easter, Donna.

    The sounds of the insects are soothing. A reminder that we are all once again, alive.

    Lovely photos to celerate spring.

  6. It is most fulfilling to soil the hands again after a winter’s rest. More so with the engaging greenery that results. Wonderful write Donna!


    1. Thanks so much Hank…planting seeds and watching them grow is a very spiritual experience and one that is lost during winter’s long hibernation. It is good to be back to the soil.

  7. I love your Spring poem and the picture of the flowers. Glad you’ll help them grow soon. Your poem made me think of my husband, an avid gardener. He’s already gone mad with his hands digging in and dreaming of the veggies that will be.

  8. like the ‘floats down easily’ line especially Donna as so true – this year Spring has come with a gentle determination rather than a trumpeting announcement – soil only just starting to warm and the weeds will be first to get going!

  9. Just beautiful, here’s to you happily gardening without reason, with the spring’s warmth on your back touching everything…
    Enjoy sploshing around in those puddles!
    Wren x

  10. Beautiful words…and images Donna. I”m enraptured by the thought of plunging my hands into soil…feeling sun warm my back. And of course glancing over and seeing the sun sparkly through spring bulbs.

    Chionodoxa…are so gorgeous. I must remember to plant them…mental note going on here.


    1. Such an early reliable bulb that the critters seem to leave alone thankfully! And they come in a variety of pastel colors…so glad you too can relate to the poem and here’s to spring. Lovely to see the start of your new blog Jen! Perfect timing with the renewal of spring.

  11. Lovely spring poem Donna and I love the scents of spring – even when I can smell rain on the wind.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. Lovely Spring poem and post.. The flowers are beautiful. I look forward to seeing and hearing the spring critters and to see the flowers blooming.. Have a happy new week ahead!

  13. This is so lovely, Donna!! I love your line ‘The drifting scents linger and stir me awake’. What a wonderful feeling 🙂

  14. lose all reason:) yes, it happens when I walk into the garden center and see allllllll the possibilities!
    So much to love. So little time:)
    Nice to know that someone understands:)
    happy Springing,

  15. Hi Donna, Thank you for visiting my post about porches/marigolds. These flowers are so sweet. Years ago I planted some bulbs but was not successful. I love your poetry, as well. Happy your snow is melting and it won’t be long before you can plant some veggies!

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