Poetry Sunday-Sky Painting




Sky Painting


 Splashes of paint on a cloudy morn

Carried like fire, the sky adorned.


Deep purple hues, bright orange splashes

Undulating hints of gray dots and dashes.


Then spread across the deep bright blue

Pictures forming, ever shifting anew.


Now marshmallow fluff, mountains in the sky

Clouds collide painting pictures, rolling by.


The sun creates the palette, the wind is the painter

Seeking new canvas as soon or later,


A new scene emerges with each breath I’m taking

Behold nature’s finest; look the sky is painting.


© Donna Donabella 2014


This poem was created as we were SOARing through the sky at 35,000 feet.  I am always mesmerized by the clouds from high in the sky as well as when the sunrises.  Actually I find the sky paints the clouds best during sunrise.


And given that my new word for the year is SOAR, this poem is the perfect complement. You can read about my word of the year as it will be my guiding force this new year!


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sky painting



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fiery clouds

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Special Note:  The pictures here are from recent sunrises where I watched the sun paint the clouds and sky.



I leave you with a little bit of sentiment about clouds and light.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.



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70 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Sky Painting”

  1. would you believe that i spend hours just watching the sky changes its colors? i am always amazed everytime the sky paints.

    that was a lovely poem, a reminder that we need to pause sometimes to appreciate nature.
    happy new year!

  2. I liked how, in turn, your words painted the sky for us. Such beauty is a blessing and one we can experience twice daily, weather permitting. Happy New Year!

  3. It really does look like that sometime, doesn’t it? Sky painting…lovely thought….and each day another masterpiece! Happy New Year, Donna.

  4. I like your word for the year. Hope we all soar in spirit and joy .Your entire post is beautiful. Your words are inspiring and the photos are stunning. You are so talented. Have a Happy New Year!

  5. A wonderful poem, I can tell the sunset inspired you. Your photos are also beautiful. You have to catch the moment, don’t you. Ever changing, the sky never stays the same even for a moment.

  6. How cool that you followed your resolution to soar with actual flight. I, too, always think of the sky as a painting – it is breathtaking the beauty that is right there, ours all for free – if we only remember to look up!

  7. I love your word for the year ~ soar ~ an inspiring one. The sky does paint a beautiful picture ~ sunrises & sunsets are my favorites, too. Wonderful post. Happy New Year, Donna! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous…the photos and the words. Not only that, but your personification of the sky and the idea of the sky painting. Absolutely gorgeous.

  9. There is something magical when mother nature takes her brush and sweeps it across the sky. I am a sky watcher and sometimes on my way to or from work I see the most amazing paintings wither from below or above they are all marvelous.

  10. Lovely poem and title.. The word SOAR is perfect.. what a gorgeous sky.. I love the beautiful colors.. Enjoy your evening and the new week ahead!

  11. You’ve painted the picture of a lovely sky with words and photos Donna. After reading today’s poem (yes, took me this long for the question to arise) how long does it take for you to write your poetry? Does it roll from your mind to fingertips or take some persuasion to coax it out? I know from gardening articles that sometimes my fingers would just fly with what I wanted to share, other times I’d be looking through resource books and not getting anywhere.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

    1. Thanks Judith. With writing poetry I need quiet reflective time. Sometimes it does just flow and I have to capture it before it is lost. Once it does flow, I usually will write several poems at a time. But I don’t write poetry every day or week…usually in spurts as the spirit moves me.

    1. I was surprised myself Donna. It was a smooth flight not very crowded and so quiet. Five hour flight so I thought I wonder if I could do a bit of writing…it worked out perfectly.

  12. I do believe that you will soar this year. Love the idea of freedom to do whatever one must do. Beautiful sky painting. You had gorgeous skies to inspire your verse so nicely written.

  13. Hi Donna, I have written a blog today which includes 5 nominations for a Leibster blog award, I have nominated your living In happiness blog as I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Details if you want to participate are on my blog. Best wishes.

    1. Julie I will check out the award and thank you! And I think I will participate. I view these awards as a wonderful way to promote new bloggers and share the blogging love. I will include the award in my end of the month feature Potpourri. And again thank you for thinking of me and recognizing my blog in such a lovely way! Big hugs to you in this New Year!

  14. oh, you had me at the title….i’m a fan of the cosmos!

    breathtaking photos and colorful words depicting the free and natural beauty of this world.

    thanks so much for this read, it made my morning.

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