Poetry Sunday: Savoring






For me, food was always an after thought.  Something I had to have to fuel my growing, in-constant-motion- child’s body.  Grabbing a bowl of cereal here and there; a quick sandwich.


And into adulthood, this still was the case.  I had my favorites, but still food was merely fuel to be gobbled, rushed, downed and then move on.  Eat at my desk, eat on the run.  Never really savoring.


Instead the moments of food bliss were kept for those special treats:


The home-made chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven.  The gooey chocolate-covered fingers licked clean.

The ice cream that I lingered over, and licked slowly off the spoon, tasting the swirl of flavors from lips to tongue.


I was lost in the moment with these sugary treats.  And these moments increased with age until sugar was the only thing I savored.  Now, no longer can I dally with sweets.  Instead, I relish the sumptuous taste of the fresh pea or tomato picked from the vine.  Warm in my mouth.  Luscious, now savoring these.  The rush of a sugary addiction transformed.


Sweet licks and morsels

Lightly dancing on my tongue

Moments now savored.



© Donna Donabella 2016



This poem came from a prompt given to me a couple of winters ago challenging me to write a poem about enjoying food.  I have never had a problem enjoying food…there was little I didn’t like.  And sugar was my favorite food….in any way, shape or form.

But with age, has come issues with food.  The need to reduce sugar or eliminate it as much as possible.  Gluten, acid reflux, no preservatives, eating organically all add to the issues where my food intake is now very healthy, and I have made peace with the changes as I turn 60.  This is my haibun poem paying homage to savoring food throughout my life.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.

chesecake collage

The pictures here are of my husband’s award-winning cheesecake that he made for me two years ago on my birthday!  One of those rare sugar times.  The picture below is of the peas I savored from my garden well into summer.



I leave you with a few additional words about savoring  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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40 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: Savoring”

    1. I think in many ways you are correct, Annell. For me right now the sugary treat must be limited fruit and certain fresh veggies as I battle some blood sugar issues. It is amazing to find so much added sugar to our diets we never knew about which has been most educational. Hoping in the near future to savor a sugary treat once in a while.

  1. I have always enjoyed food prepared with care… the longer it takes to prepare I love it… sugarrushing can be an addiction… glad you found a way out.

  2. I can very well appreciate what you haiku-ed. I too have a new attitude towards food. I wonder though if its part of growing old and maturity.

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standatd today Donna


    1. Sherry I was forced to surrender and get mine under control….I am so happy you enjoyed the poem….I think most of us are sugar addicts even if we don’t know it. It is inevitable given the way our food is processed.

  3. Ah, good for you for pretty much kicking your sugar addiction. I really don’t eat a lot of sugar; and when I AM tempted to take some rich dessert (at a potluck, for example) I regret it after the first bite. Give me Greek yogurt with blueberries or raspberries instead. If a person reads the list of ingredients on so many of the store-bought sugary treats, it is a list a mile long of artificial things. I try to stay away from artificial as much as I can! I bet you feel better without so many sweets.

  4. You’ve left me wanting to get up and find a tomato. Even a few peas. And the sugary yum, too. One day. I need to be this speaker… and say no to the S that tastes so good right now. One day…

    The imagery is, well… delicious!

  5. Your words are succulent and ripe with flavor. I can relate to being too busy to eat. And I MUST have the chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven!

    Lovely poem.

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