Poetry Sunday-Finding My Core




Finding My Core



I stand here at my center

while all around me seems to be falling apart.

Senseless violence.

Memories of loved ones, now gone,

bubble up to open the wounds of my heart.



And it is in these times I seek my core,

a need to express my true self.

Nothing dancing off the tongue,

but words conjured up from deep inside.



They express the swirl of emotions.

They provide a base of stability to stand on.

They yield a sliver of light shining in the dark.

They form new boundaries, places to explore.

And they heal the wounds that can break me in two.



Words call me home when I find this core.

So I seek this poet’s heart to find the words

that make a dwelling place for me.



© Donna Donabella 2016



This poem came to me recently in the aftermath of yet more killing, carnage and fighting in the world.  I felt the pain deeply, and needed to connect to my inner core. Where I am reminded, that a beautiful sunrise means each day starts anew and anything can happen.  The sun represents for me healing light, and connecting to my true self.  It is always shining deep inside me, I just have to be aware of it….especially if I lose focus.  And with all the pain and suffering in the world it is easy to lose focus especially for this highly sensitive person.


The flowers pictured here are native Rudbeckia hirta that shine throughout my garden like the sun all summer.




I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog, and Sanaa@A Dash of Sunny for her Prompt Nights every Friday.  This week’s theme is “Hate’s a parasite that rots the Soul. ”  We are to write a poem which helps dispel hatred.  This is my take on the theme, and how I deal with the hatred I am finding more and more around me.

core collage (1)



I leave you with a few additional words about finding my core.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.


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58 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Finding My Core”

  1. Gosh, this is such a stunning write Donna ❤❤ especially love these lines “Words call me home when I find this core. So I seek this poet’s heart to find the words that make a dwelling place for me.” I believe that out of suffering emerge the strongest souls; as massive characters are seared with scars. Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

  2. Perhaps if all of us had the humility to find our core and to voice ourselves and our feelings so beautifully as you have done the world would be a far safer place.. there is no excuse for the atrocities but in some way it seems to speak of inability to express ‘ourselves’ freely and without consequence – a heartfelt and heart-full poem – and a peaceful Sunday to you

  3. I’m of a similar mind, Donna. When things get terrible, we must look within in order to reacquaint ourselves when the things that keep us going, with the feelings that feed our drives… There is so much horror going on in the world. But if we search inside–of us and of the universe’s other miracles–we can always find new reasons to keep on pushing, new promises for a tomorrow that can be made better. We must all find our core.

  4. “So I seek this poet’s heart to find the words / that make a dwelling place for me.”…our true refuge reminding us always of the silver light in the dark….beautifully put Donna…

  5. Such wise words for these troubling times, Donna. We do need to find a way to seek our core, to somehow prevent being split in two by all that is happening in the world.

  6. A wonderful poem, Donna. I feel that reaching down into our core to stand fast against all that is happening around us. The world needs our strength, hope and faith more than ever before. Thanks for shining some sunshine and light our way.

    1. Exactly Sherry…if we become part of the darkness there is no hope…it is being that strength, hope and light to help keep it shining for the world to see again.

  7. I agree, perhaps these things are happening to give us time to reflect on what we can do in our own little way. Thanks for the reminder, Donna.

  8. A hopeful poem, in spite of he dark that threatens daily. It’s true for me, and many other creatives, I think. Looking within provides peace, and hope. Lovely work!

  9. I’m sensitive too Donna and your poem resonates with my heart. Thank you for the lovely pictures that bring a smile. May all sensitive hearts thump in the unity of peace.

  10. What a beautiful response to a horrendous week. Your words have such a calming effect almost like finding a safe place to be.

  11. If only it is easy to find the core and work on them, then life will be far more tolerable. Conflicts can be reduced and a better lifestyle will be easier to achieve. Very true Donna!


  12. yes, finding our core, keeping it, and keeping the focus on our values. i like the message in this.
    the photo is very appropriate, like a burst of hope.

  13. A perfect poem on writing poetry in these times. What better home than here?
    “Nothing dancing off the tongue,
    but words conjured up from deep inside.”

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