Poetry Sunday: Born of Water



Born of Water


I was born of water; body

Surrounded by and made of creator’s tears,

Unwilling to enter this landlocked life.



And whenever I can, I return home-

To a vast sea, breaking against rock and shore.

Spraying me with turquoise delight

Swirling, swimming around my limbs-

These disappearing as I am reacquainted.



I long for this reconnection again,

For a homecoming.

And I will venture far on a pilgrimage,

To reunite my soul with my lost aqua world.



Each visit will have to sustain me,

Until I can come again.

Perhaps for a longer visit.

Perhaps to live closer one day,

Perched on the water’s edge

For my daily communion.



© Donna Donabella 2017



I have long known that the ocean is my home.  I come home to the ocean and am reconnected to my creator…..my soul.  There is an exhilaration I cannot find anywhere else on this earth.  And I long to be in its environs whenever close.  So upon a recent visit to the ocean, I was reminded of this deep connection….to the creation of life in the soup of the sea.  And this poem poured forth.


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