Poetry Sunday-Winter Woods


Winter Woods


Winter slips silently around me

Walking me to cold, crisp woods

To gaze upon the peaceful slumber

Suddenly exhilarated, restored in found solace.


© Donna Donabella 2012



This poem was written on February 6, 2012,  during a particularly cold, snowy winter.  There is something about the snow; like being in a fantasy world, peaceful where you do not even notice the cold.  I love to walk in snowy woods, and let my senses do my thinking.


And I am reminded of that winter this year, but now being retired I can enjoy it daily, either inside or out, without worrying about travelling in snow.


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woods collage

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Special Note: The pictures here are of winter woods found in my garden this winter.



I leave you with a little reminder of the solace of winter woods.   I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

winter woods

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79 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Winter Woods”

  1. I’m with you on the walk in the company of winter–and as long as i am warm enough nside, it makes me come alive too.

  2. Snow can be so calming.. especially the woods.. There is a special kind of silence in a snowy wood (and it made me think of Robert Frost a little)

  3. snow is exactly like that…a fantasy world…
    a freshness with the canvas white again….
    we have not had a significant snow this year
    maybe soon…

  4. Elegant images and soothing words…
    There are always so many attractions in your posts.
    I love also your this week’s favourite quote.
    Have a lovely new week!

  5. I do love walking in snow for a bit ~ it is invigorating. The landscape becomes magical ~ soothing pictures & poem.

    We’re getting another snow storm tonight ~ 6-12 inches. Stay warm, Donna! 🙂

  6. I love how this short poem conveys so much atmosphere. Even though I do not often visit snow I think this describes the experience beautifully. And thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Pretty winter poem! Your images are pretty much what I am seeing too.. I do love being able to stay at home and not worry about driving in the snow. Wonderful post, have a happy new week!

  8. A beautiful encapsulation of one of my most favourite seasons. Thank you.
    I love the elegance ot tree bones stretched against the sky, no artifice, no rush. And the moody monochromatic palette also speaks to me. Speaks to me of quiet, of serenity and of patience.

  9. It’s true; I do not notice the cold when I am walking amid freshly fallen snow, from what I can remember, growing up in Toronto, Canada. Your words bring back many feelings, quite reminiscent of such days.

    Wishing you a happy February!

    Visiting via Mosaic Monday,

  10. I remember times when I was a stay at home mom and my kids didn’t have to get out on most snowy days
    because I homeschooled them for a while and snow days were absolutely magic during that time. The freedom
    to stay warm inside by the fire and feel the cozyness of being wrapped in fairy white. Oh the memories:)
    Now it’s hard on my heart because they’re all grown and out and must drive through the snow, as must I;
    it loses some magic that way.

    Your art and writing are becoming so many more shades of lovely:) How fantastic your wings:)


    1. How very sweet of you to say so about my progress through my craft Jennifer. My wings have become stronger…..I agree the snow loses its magic when you have to travel a lot in it.

  11. Oh yes, being bundled up enough from the cold one doesn’t feel it, only experiences the beauty of the snow and surroundings.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Donna.

    1. You brought back some memories for me Judith with your comment as I remember being so bundled up as a child trying not to fall or you couldn’t get up….what happy times!

  12. There is a peaceful quality when it is snowing or it has just snowed that is very unique. You have conveyed this very powerfully, Donna.

  13. As a Tropical country dweller, I don’t exactly know what winter really feels like. And though many don’t seem to like snow I’d love to experience it still. Smiles. I have enjoyed your wonderful li’l piece & the photos as well.

  14. It really is nice to enjoy a winter’s day. I appreciate the silence of winter. All rests. Glad you have found the peace winter brings.

  15. “Found solace” is beautiful imagery. I love the concept of poems as compressed bytes of memory that explode in the mind of the reader. Fewer words tell bigger stories in that way, with the craft of just the right word…in the right place. I just love what Jennifer wrote “so many more shades of lovely.” Isn’t she just something? And aren’t we lucky to know her?

    1. We are indeed Jill….and your idea of compressed bytes of memories is intriguing as I have often thought something similar, and I do use those memories to inspire me.

      1. It’s from me–Susie T.! I can share more about the concept of “bytes of compressed meaning” for you if you want. It comes from the first chapter of one of my favorite books called “Dante the Maker” written quite a few years ago. I’ll research the author if you want. He writes magnificently about how poetry works in the mind. And how master poets can use few words to say so much. Love,

          1. Now just so you know….it’s a book mostly about Dante Alighieri. A LOT about the history in which he lived, the politics of that part of Italy, the Papacy, etc. There is a great deal about the nature of poetry, but mostly about the structure of The Divine Comedy of Dante’s. I used that book for years to prepare for lectures. The line about how poetry works in the mind always stayed with me.

  16. beautiful poem and photo to go with it. How wonderful to be retired and able to enjoy each day as it comes.
    One of these days I want to travel to the snow for winter.
    Have a lovely week whatever you are doing. and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  17. Winter does have those beautiful solitary moments…when it feels like a fresh snowfall has given you your very own world…all sounds are muted, everything is softly coated, its’ gorgeous.

    Donna, is there a way for my info to stay in the boxes above my comment…I have to type it in each time, not sure if I am doing something wrong each time.


  18. I love your poetry and your thoughts about winter. This is a beautiful post!

    Thanks too for leaving a comment on my winter blog. I appreciate it a lot!

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