Poetry Sunday-What Do You See




What Do You See



What do I see when I look at the world…..



I could say pain, perhaps

Injustice, poverty, surely.



And while these are heavy, obscuring my view,

sometimes suffocating me,

I prefer to see kindness-yes!



It glows so brightly in the night sky….rays

of peace, harmony and laughter rain down.

And love is there too, layered beneath,

supporting all who chose to walk this path.



What do you see?



Can you see the path of understanding, forgiveness?

Can you see the kindness of strangers?



Look hard….

It is there.  Just obscured a bit,

right now.



With each soul, united, we can make a wider path of love,

an enduring course

for millions to walk with us-



It just depends how you CHOOSE  to see the world.



 © Donna Donabella 2015


While traveling to my niece’s wedding the opening line kept running through my head.  And the words that poured out were a chorus of hope I wanted to share especially during the holiday season as we begin the New Year.


I choose a new word each year to guide me.  This year my word is INNOVATE.  I rolled it out on my New Year’s Eve post.  And it seems this poem fits beautifully with it…I am choosing to see things in a new light this year.




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almond blossom collage

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Special Note:  I used pictures of almond blossoms from my garden as they symbolize hope and contemplation.  And I processed them in an oil painting app on my computer.  I do like how they turned out.



I leave you with a few additional thoughts about the hope of the world.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

world hope

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82 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-What Do You See”

  1. This really tumbled forth beautifully from that opening line..changing the order of our perception is key in changing dark to light – to see harmony and laughter rain down – loved that giggling line…no doubting however that it takes courage and work to achieve this..which is much admired..wishing you an innovative year..it has begun already here!

  2. a good way to start the new year, with a conscious approach to seeing, and the challenge of catching the light of hope around us

    A Happy Creative 2016 to you Donna

    much love…

  3. An inspiring read. It’s indeed true that one should also take notice of the positivity around him/her. Thanks for this one.

    Happy New Year, Donna.

  4. A beautifully uplifting poem just perfect for the start of a brand new year 🙂 I agree it all depends on how we choose to see the world.
    Wishing you happy holidays Donna 🙂

    Lots of love,

  5. Beautiful poem Donna, and I love the way you have altered your blossom photo…I agree, it works really well. Wishing you a very happy and positive 2016!

  6. I see pain and I see hurt. But I also see rainbows, compassion and caring. I can’t not see the pain (and I don’t want to either), but I choose to focus on the positives. I say that I don’t want to not see the pain because I need to acknowledge that it is there to do anything in my small way to change it. I would love for it not to be there to be seen.
    I hope that the positives shine very brightly for you.

  7. I choose the frequency of love it helps make the journey in life a bit easier but, with saying that we still live in a human world with events that we have no control over. I always enjoy the photos here and the word innovate is a good guide word for 2016.

  8. I’m convinced that there is more good than bad out there in the world but our media paints a very dire picture. I admit there is some pretty bad stuff happening but we everyday people, I think, are pretty kind and want the best for the world. I love your ending lines…especially about the wider path of love, beautiful sentiment.
    Gayle ~

  9. Donna, I love everything about this poem – the message, the way of looking at the world…..the fact that the goodness and kindness are there, if we choose to see it. One of my faves of yours. Very wonderful, especially as we begin this new year. Thanks for this positive and hopeful message.

  10. It is all up to the person to see what makes him or her happy in life He or she cannot be forced to view something he or she would get stressed about. thanks for this! loved it!

  11. I agree Donna, It’s all about your perspective on the world. There are times when I have to block out world news and retreat into my local life which is full of joy and happiness and not take on the weight of the world…
    And on that note I hope you have a very Happy New Year to you, full of innovation!
    Wren x

  12. When we look out at the world, from a loving perspective, even in the toughest of times, there is much that is life affirming. Clearly, you see life with a kind heart, Donna.

  13. Lovely thoughts Donna. I too see the world with hope, kindness and joy. I am grateful for that. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and the inspirational words. Hope your niece finds happiness in marriage and that you have a Happy New Year.

  14. I love this viewpoint…only if all of us could feel that chord of unity among us this earth would be paradise but some choose to see this world differently…sigh…only two days ago we’ve had a terrorist attack in our country and much loss of life….

    1. I am so sorry to hear about the attack in your country Sumana…..if only people would choose to see the world positively! We can only hope our example will continue to turn many to peace and love.

  15. Hello, lovely poem and mosaic! I believe Kindness is there, we just have to look harder. I wish you much peace and happiness in the new year. Happy New Year to you and your family. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  16. I believe people see what they want to see, and that is governed by their own natures. I thought-provoking poem for January.

  17. Yes, it’s about what we choose to see.. what we focus on…and under fear and anger – kindness hidden deeply for sure…

  18. I’ve so enjoyed not only your posting…but all the comments as well! Wonderful topic and I’m a firm believer that we do choose how we see things… Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post! Happy New Year!

  19. Hi, Donna,
    I’m here to thank you for the beautiful comment you’ve left on ~My little old world ~ I appreciate so much, your blog is truly amazing, I’d love to follow you but I see you haven’t Google Friend Connect followers., so I’m going to copy and paste the link of your webpage for not to lose any update, I’m so glad you’ve found me, so I’ve met you !!!

    Thank you, have a beautiful new week

  20. “With each soul, united, we can make a wider path of love,

    an enduring course

    for millions to walk with us-”

    Amen to making the path of kindness and love wider and wider, lessening the ways of hate.

  21. Very moving poem, Donna. Your word innovate is very powerful, one that garners new and exciting changes in something established. Much luck for your new year.

  22. I am absolutely convinced, Donna, that we MUST choose to see the beauty, love, good, peace, hope, etc. in the world all around us…without burying our heads in the sand at the cruel realities around us. We MUST attract that which is good and keep adding as many around us as is possible to make this Pilgrimage one that changes the world. One person, one step at a time. We keep saying it, don’t we, year after year! Thank you for being part of the solution!

  23. I look for the beauty wherever I am Donna and the best in people. There’s too much darkness in the world, we have to look for the light.

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