Poetry Sunday-Weaving A Life

Weaving A Life



When I first looked at the spider, all I could see was a creepy vixen waiting to trap and enslave her prey.  But now, I notice the webs, the homes lovingly created to provide food, shelter and a home to nurture her young.

A mighty creature, the garden spider goes about making beauty all over the garden.  And she also helps keep a healthy habitat for all creatures who rely on the food chain.  Sometimes eating, sometimes eaten~she is essential!

Old tales tell of Grandmother Spider stealing a piece of the sun.  She rode her silken threads back to earth, with her treasure tucked under one of her mighty legs.  And if you look upon her web today, you can still see the sun’s delicate pattern woven there.

And the Ancient Ones wove a spectacular tale about climbing to heaven on spider silk.  Perhaps that is why dream catchers are made in the shape of a spider web.  To catch our dreams as we climb each night into the heavens.



Silken threads glisten

New patterns made on life’s loom

Woven in a moment, a blink




© Donna Donabella 2016




I love watching spiders in our garden.  They make incredible displays from spring into summer and even into fall, where their handiwork glistens in the dew.  You can see those displays below.  They always seem to be weaving a life as they spin their webs.

I created this haibun, to sing their praises.



I am joining in with Poets United for their Poetry Pantry link up.

web (1)



I leave you with a few additional words about weaving a life.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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46 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Weaving A Life”

  1. That loom of life on which our individual tapestries are woven: The patterns keep changing. Nothing stays the same. Some of the patterns are pleasing, and some are disturbing, but somehow each one of them belongs there, and the tapestry would be incomplete if one were missing.

    1. Beautifully said….yes all those patterns and threads on that web are part of our path, good or bad, pleasing or not. We wouldn’t be complete without them. Thank you for that reminder.

  2. ‘Perhaps that is why dream catchers are made in the shape of a spider web.  To catch our dreams as we climb each night into the heavens’ …oh I love this!❤️ Beautifully executed.

  3. Yes, sometime we need to look at things from a different perspective. Sometime it is the camera (which took such beautiful photos) which helps us do this. You have helped the reader see the beauty in what one might consider ‘creepy’ by both your words and your photos. I do think spiders are helpful in nature – eating other less desirable bugs. Even in a person’s basement they perhaps perform a service…but still I do not like them living side by side in my home with me. Smiles.

  4. I love the way the spider weaves and is a part of Nature’s weave… I love almost every animal, maybe with the exception of ticks

  5. delightful haibun Donna! garden spiders help save us from insecticides. Just wondering if you have any biting/poisonous ones – in the UK there is a big scare about the false widow spider bite and reluctantly I find myself being more timorous in the garden especially after spotting a couple in a flower pot

    1. We definitely have biting and seriously poisonous ones in the US but not here….I have been bitten by outside spiders but rarely and nothing serious. I was bitten by one inside the house once and it became immediately seriously infected requiring medical treatment. They definitely can be ominous so I do give them a wide berth.

  6. I love them most on those mornings when dew turns them into jeweled lace sparkling in sunshine! Such a miracle of nature. Loved your poem and photos!

  7. Beautiful writing. When I had a garden I was always loath to break up the spiders webs even if they stretched across our walkways (I always let the birds do that!)

  8. A lovely haibun, Donna. Great photos too, especially the spider. You have made a creature that many consider creepy or yucky so fascinating and dynamic. 🙂

  9. “To catch our dreams as we climb each night into the heavens.” Love
    Your haiku is beautiful and love the spiderwebs. We used to catch them as a child
    with a branch Sad when you think of it now. Destroying their house

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