Poetry Sunday: The Yearnings of Spring


The Yearnings of Spring


There is a deep, urgent longing to break this icy dam winter has cast over me.


Where my skin again feels the glowing warmth of the sun,

Where bare feet are tickled by cool, soft, new grass,

Where my eyes catch the young, fresh growth of plants emerging,

And I breathe in the earthy scent of the garden thawed.


Where my hands cast seeds imagining a future harvest,

Where the heady perfume of new flowers overwhelms me,

Where every buzz and chirp has my heart beating faster,

And where the water splashing the rocks in the pond invites me to play.


As I patiently wait for spring to arrive, I dream of merging with nature.

Yearning to break this icy dam winter has cast over me.


© Donna Donabella 2018



Even with the vernal equinox coming this week in the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring never quite arrives according to the calendar.  It shows up when it is good and ready…each year a different date.  And this year winter is unrelenting, and March seems to be the new February, with cold and almost 4 feet of new snow in the first two weeks.  Now we are frigid again with snow piles everywhere….no spring thaw in sight for weeks perhaps.  So as I wait, I am thinking about what I am yearning for when spring finally does show itself in earnest.

The pictures are of native Bloodroot from my garden.  They are one of the first native flowers blooming.  You have to watch for their blooms, and savor them while you can, as they fade fast.

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I leave you with a few additional words about the Yearnings of Spring.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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44 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: The Yearnings of Spring”

    1. It is becoming harder as this week we are very cold again…still February-like here. But they say the last week in March will be March-like. I hope April dawns with April spring weather….finally a rebirth to spring.

  1. This is absolutely breathtaking, Donna! I can feel your desire for Spring to emerge and love ” I breathe in the earthy scent of the garden thawed.”

  2. Sometimes winter seems to have relentless hold on earth and on our souls, but the notes of hope from remembered springs sustain us, even when we are held fast by winter’s icy grip.

  3. I do enjoy this winter we have… the warmth of the sun and possible to find a shielded place… the flowers will come…. and the birds are here.

    1. I wish we could have a typical winter….I do like winter, but when in February we are completed melted and thawed after 10-12 ft of snow, and suddenly plunged into 60-70 degree temps….that makes for a strange winter now not ending or slowly thawing in March….instead we are getting 4 more feet of snow and frigid temps that should have come in February….this climate change has messed with our seasons much to the chagrin of critters and gardeners and me…..yes spring will come with flowers in April.

  4. You are having a long winter. We have blossoms out, here on the coast, and warm sunny days, so the gardeners are champing at the bit….however trying to wait till april 1st, just in case…..I can feel your eagerness for gardening and feel it myself though my garden now is only pots on my balcony. It is lovely to grow things!

  5. I really like the way the opening line about winter is repeated in a slightly different way at the end -the return of a season is always slightly different – it also frames the warm memories..Very nicely done, Donna.

  6. I love the idea of merging with nature. What a peaceful thought that is. And, ah, having patience as we wait for spring to arrive…..we just have to, but it surely is hard!

  7. Beautiful word-weaving in this. Though you write to the end-of-season slog of the ‘icy dam winter’, your yearnings of spring are penned so beautifully, as to be: quite hypnotic. Love the unique direction you took this piece.

  8. Your poem created that spring for me. A few more poems like it and the ice will melt completely. I don’t envy you the 4′ of snow–but we expect more TOMORROW!

  9. I yearn for spring to reveal itself Donna; I definitely don’t get a thrill out of winter. Today the snow has gone but it remains bitter cold.
    I yearn too to have my bare feet tickled by new grass; I find such pleasure in this.
    Maybe soon, maybe soon…
    Anna :o]

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