Poetry Sunday-Joyful Play

dad as boy


Joyful Play


With arms outstretched, I whirl around

Floating, spinning above the ground.

Tiny feet dance on large shiny shoes,

Piggy back rides with giants amuse.



As I ride the waves on the back of a whale,

Now thrown off, high in the air I sail!

And on the sandy beach we bury our treasure,

With squeals of delight in castles of pleasure.



These moments delight each one is immeasurable,

Through the years repeated with love unforgettable.

Time seemed endless in those blissful days,

Of fond memories in joyful play!




© Donna Donabella 2015



My dad’s birthday is Tuesday.  He would have been 86, but died at the young age of 68 from the most horrific early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  He suffered 15 years with this awful monster.

But I remember him now as an Easter baby full of joy, kindness and always playful.  My mother called him her fifth kid.  Last week’s poem spoke of the pain of his loss, but I choose to remember his life of joyful play in this week’s poem.

Many of the memories in the poem are fun times spent with my dad, especially at the Jersey Shore growing up.




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dad collage

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Special Note:  As I reminisce about playing as a child, I am showcasing pictures of my dad.  In the top photo, he is pictured on the left as a 10 yr old boy in Philadelphia, PA.  The collage shows him as a teen with his godson, his older brother’s first born.  And as a young man just newly engaged.

The last photo, below, is of us kids (my sibs) with my best friend Cindy on the right in the striped pants.  I’m in the middle (about 5 yrs old) on the left with that  head of unruly, curly, dark brown hair.  We grew up in Philadelphia until we moved about a year after this picture was taken.  My dad would take us to the park on weekends while my mom worked as a nurse.  He called us the Motley Crew.



I leave you with a few words about joyful play.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

the crew at play

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70 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Joyful Play”

    1. I wanted to balance the sad with the good times and glad that I was able to Deb….the ‘giant’ was my dad at 6′ 1″ or at least he was like a giant to me in so many ways.

  1. How important it is to remember and record as you have done those loved ones who have had so much influence on our lives. This honours him well.

  2. What a beautiful poem, Donna…..and those times on the beach must have been very, very special. I have so often heard of the “Jersey Shore” but have never been there. I loved all of the old photos too. So very sad when such a vibrant person is taken down by such a horrific disease.

    1. Thanks so much Mary…those times were extra special because those were the first memories I had as a young child….I appreciate your kind words!

  3. Thanks for the personal share and photos ~ Good that we remember our loved ones with happy and joyful memories~

  4. The memories you have with your Dad are so great, Donna. I’m deeply touched by your love & relationship with him back then & up to now that he’s gone physically. Please, never change. Smiles. Thank you for sharing all these to us, so glad you did.

  5. I love your poem, Donna. Very touching tribute to your dad. I lost my dad over 16 years ago when he was 63 to heart disease. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. It’s so nice to meet other bloggers from the Over40 FB group!

  6. ”With arms outstretched, I whirl around

    Floating, spinning above the ground.

    Tiny feet dance on large shiny shoes,

    Piggy back rides with giants amuse.”

    A beautiful walk down memory lane, a path that is forever imprinted in your journey, of your beloved father and your joyful times with him, as a young parent, and then, later in life, the roles reversed, I imagine, to watch over him, as a loving daughter.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet stories, so charming in poetic verse, as well as these lovely family photos, in this wonderful tribute to your dearly loved dad.


    1. So glad you enjoyed the tribute Poppy…he was a great man, a wonderful friend and will be greatly missed by me forever….but these memories will sustain me!

  7. A gorgeous tribute, and what wonderful memories to hug to yourself on the dark days. Playing is one of the things we let go (push aside) way too soon isn’t it? A mistake I am trying to rectify.

  8. What a handsome, happy and proud man he looks. And I LOVE the photo of you kids. The Motley Crew, how cute! I also love your curly mop. I can feel the radiance in the memories of you playing on the shore. Your poem is so lovely. How hard those last fifteen years must have been for him and for his family. So very sad. He was stricken very young.

  9. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad, Donna. I wish all parents were aware of the importance of playing with their children and the impact this has on the kids.

  10. Nice to see your dad, Donna.

    The poem is full of joy and love and a perfect tribute. I can’t help but get excited with each memory you shared in your poem.

  11. Absolutely fresh, lovely and filled with love shining from the screen. I too lost my father early and the joy that he still lives on in you is absolutely palpable. The photographs are wonderful bright cherries on a scrumptious Sunday!

  12. A beautiful poem and tribute to your Dad. I love the old photos, especially the last photo.. Happy Memories for you, I am sure! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  13. How wonderful to look back to good times of days past. It is more enjoyable when one has a ‘sparring partner’ to enjoy the fun. Not many have the foresight to keep such priceless pics. Well penned Donna!


  14. A nice tribute to your dad with the poem and I liked seeing your childhood photo.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Donna.

  15. You already know my mom died of Alzheimer’s, Donna, but she was 80 when she died and had had the disease for only 2 years. I can’t imagine having to live with it as a relative for 15 years! Thankfully you have wonderful, joyous memories to have and to hold from this day forward. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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