Poetry Sunday-Gratitude For A New Day


 Gratitude For A New Day



 The dawn breaks slow

a warming glow,

across the horizon

rising soft and low.


A peace settles down

on everything surrounds,

waking my soul

with the sweetest sounds.


And my grateful heart knows

as love overflows,

a day being born of

blessings bestowed.



© Donna Donabella 2011



I wrote this poem as part of a challenge to create a gratitude prayer.  I had forgotten about this poem until I recently found it tucked inside some papers I was going through as I cleared mounds of clutter that had accumulated for 10 years.



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new day


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Special Note:  The sunrise photos pictured in this post, came from a recent sunrise this winter.  They show the progression of the sunrise, starting with the small circle on the left and going in a clockwise direction.  This beauty of this sunrise lasted 15 minutes.


The first picture is a view from my porch looking past the rain chain, which hangs from the porch roof, into the colors of this new day.



I leave you with a few words of the gratitude prayer for this new day.   I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

gratitude new day


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82 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Gratitude For A New Day”

  1. nice,,,i like the rhythm of it…it is fun to read on the lip and tongue…
    sunrise and sunset are those magical times as well…when anything is possible….

  2. Ah and each day brings its own blessings, doesn’t it? Each day we awaken with something to look forward to in our heart. Life is indeed good.

  3. How beautiful to see that blessed sunrise.. Where I live the dawn seems to be either in the middle of the night or after I have risen.. But I do understand the way a new day means opportunities.

  4. Feelings of love will necessarily bring good tidings and blessings. Its passage will be made a lot easier! What better than a new day starting with a lovely sunrise! Wonderful lines Donna!


  5. I had a friend once whose license plate read: Gr8ful. It was always a lovely surprise to see! I’ve thought a lot about gratitude and I think it may be the only emotion we have that can not—by its very nature—ever turn to its opposite. Many of our emotions can…but not gratitude. That thought has always made me happy.

  6. Hello Donna, your words and poems are lovely.. And the sunrise is gorgeous, a simple to start your day.. have a happy day and week ahead!

  7. Love this poem Donna! I could have used it to accompany the sunrise I posted on FB this morning.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  8. Donna,

    Sunday always moves me into a mode of reflection and gratitude too. I make an effort to conserve some quiet time for this kind of necessity..
    A lovely poem, which is rewarding to read..Thank you,

  9. How often in our busy lives do we forget to be grateful for all we have and enjoyed. Your poem written in such a relaxed style allows us to do just that.

  10. The sunrise mosaic is gorgeous, Donna!
    I’m not sure whether what can be seen in the down part of the photos is clouds or land,
    but it does look magical!
    Have a lovely week ahead!

    1. It is all clouds Sara which is why it is such a wonderful sunrise…I have trees and some houses that obscure seeing the land but luckily not the sunrise….so happy you really liked it!

  11. I can relate to mounds of clutter! Having a little enforced time to clear things up is a positive I look forward to in wintertime. A lovely poem too Donna, I am glad you found it again.

  12. Donna, what glorious images; I love the mosaic! Your sincere gratitude can be felt in your words, which reach me in a humble whisper.


  13. Donna, your Gratitude For A New Day sounds great. I especially love the last strophe, it speaks to me strongly.

    I really like the first photo which captures – as you mentioned – a view from your porch looking past the rain chain. I know barrels for catching and keeping rainwater, we have one in our garden, but I’ve never heard of a rain chain… How does it work?

    1. Thanks so much Petra….a rain chain is a series of cups that are put together like a chain usually made of copper. You usually place it at a roof where you might not have a gutter to direct the rain into stones or a rain barrel. Mine is more decorative as we have gutters. And I have a vine that likes to grow up the chain.

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