Poetry Sunday: As Winter Yields, And Spring Sighs


As Winter Yields, And Spring Sighs



As winter yields, and spring sighs…..



the ice on the pond relaxes, relenting its hold


the ground gives way, a slow warming

to allow the snowy liquid to be absorbed nourishing


courageous early bloomers rise with trepidation,

breaking through to finally stretch toward the sun


winged natives, begin their songs of gratitude and praise,

and make ready for the mating season



March is so mutable, such a fickle one.

Do not underestimate its hold on winter, unrelenting.

But winter is nudging me, and saying goodbye in such subtle ways.

It is time for spring to make plans to visit, sailing in on warming winds.

So I am readying for spring’s hello, and winter’s goodbye as March traverses along.


© Donna Donabella 2018



In spring I see the subtle signs of spring….those I listed above.  And this year as February ended those signs appeared.  Unfortunately we had a beast of a storm on March 2nd that dropped a foot and a half of snow on us.  And more snow comes daily with cold winds. So now we wait for the signs of spring to come again perhaps by March end.  You can read more about the storm and my garden in this post.

The pictures here are from my garden.  Snow covered back garden, and pond thawing.


I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.


I leave you with a few additional words about Winter yielding, and spring sighing.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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52 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: As Winter Yields, And Spring Sighs”

  1. This is the way I’ve been feeling this week, Donna! I especaily love the lines:
    ‘the ice on the pond relaxes, relenting its hold’
    ‘courageous early bloomers rise with trepedition (do you mean trepidation?),
    breaking through to finally stretch toward the sun’.

  2. Love this! Especially; “courageous early bloomers rise with trepedition, breaking through to finally stretch toward the sun.” You capture beautifully the arrival of Spring! 🙂

  3. Yes, March is a fickle month. There is hope for the warmth to follow, but yet the grasp of winter is strong…and we definitely have to be prepared for her cold blasts and showers of snow! As much as we try to say good-bye to winter, it seems oftentimes in March that March is not quite ready to say good-bye to us. I like your poem. I am appreciating the ‘slow warming’ going on at present. May it continue!

    1. Thanks Mary….March I think can be the hardest month as we anticipate spring coming as it does in so many other warmer spots…and when it doesn’t, disappointment sets in. Maybe I need a shot of spring in travels to warmer places in March!

  4. March has been crazy for me too. Thankfully the power outages from the last two storms weren’t too bad. I really hope that the Sunday evening/Monday morning storm just doesn’t happen. I’m ready for spring!

  5. ah, the anticipation of spring returning!
    no such chance over here, hot humid days with an occasional thunderstorm thrown in. 🙂

    1. I lived in a hot climate for a couple of years and missed the seasons I grew up with….so I am here dealing with snow….and I do love it, just now it is time for it to go.

  6. Now that I live in Florida, I actually miss the snow sometimes. But I do remember how long March could be…I hope your signs of spring return soon! Beautiful photos and poetry.

  7. Such beautiful thoughts of Winter’s end and Spring’s beginning…yes, sometimes it is hard to know for sure, is it over? Will it come again? Is spring really here?

  8. We are not yet there… the winter can still come back, but we all know it’s coming with the light coming back.

  9. Your opening line is so critical to the feeling and depth of this poem.
    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Donna

    much love…

  10. Every year, so lovely to see the sun loosening winter’s grip, the land responding and stirring in readiness for new growth. Yay. It never gets old for this old gardener.

  11. Yes, I can feel winter lingering a bit here as snow is still very visible. Yet, spring is waiting to show it’s beauty. You have captured this so beautifully in your poem.

  12. On this side of the world I am hoping that autumn pushes her big sister summer out of the door. And already planning what to put in the garden for a spring display. Me thinks I am getting ahead of myself.

    1. Indeed it is…I literally sing and dance around my garden! But we are now looking at another winter storm headed our way…3rd one in 10 days…Yikes!

  13. We cope with the seasons, looking forward to each one as each have their allure even winter; yet as each year passes we come to grips with age and see that we too mimic nature and wonder if we will ever see this season again. Then we remember that sad line from Little Women of Shelley’s poem “O, Wind, if winter comes can spring be far behind”. Beautiful writing Donna.

  14. Sometimes winter just doesn’t let go easily, does it? Surely not quickly enough for those who live in snow country!

  15. First of all, I love the title of your blog. Then I love the poem. Winter is resistant to spring’s sighs, but at some point it must surrender. Beautiful poem!

  16. You northerners have had a tough winter this year and are all desperate for the Spring. It will come soon. Enjoy every day of it.Me, I dream of an endless summer…it can never be too hot for me.

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