Poetry Sunday: A Renewal


A Renewal


My tears glisten in the sunlight

And drop, nourishing the seed

That lingers within.



They streak my red cheeks

Making rainbows, sparkling

On my eyelashes.



A renewal has sprung forth,

New sprouts warmed-

Born from the tears of joy.


©Donna Donabella 2018




On this Earth Day, we celebrate 48 years of awareness about being kinder to our home planet….to protect our environment even in the wake of the horrible policies and environmental agenda of this country.  This poem has many levels….a renewal of my garden, the earth and of me personally that always happens in spring with new growth.

The pictures are of early organic lettuce growing in my garden last year.  With our cold spring I have not started my lettuce in the garden yet.

I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.



I leave you with a few additional words about A Renewal.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

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48 Replies to “Poetry Sunday: A Renewal”

  1. I always feel personally renewed by spring as well. There’s just something so hopeful that comes when the light starts to increase and the days finally start getting warmer.

  2. The renewal of spring is always a miracle. I marvel at how giving Mother Earth is, in spite of us. Her focus is to live. Enjoy your garden, my friend. Your work heals the earth, and assists the wild creatures.

  3. Ah yes, renewal of body, mind and spirit as we bask in the sunlight and witness nature in bloom. Lovely, Donna, on all levels.

  4. I love that your tears are of joy. I too celebrate this earth and hope for renewal on different levels. Great poem Donna.

  5. All growth even from a small seedling is a miracle. …the miracle of life…a gift from the Divine. Your poem expresses this concept beautifully.

  6. We so often think that tears deplete us, but they can also nourish us in strange and wonder-filled ways.

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