Poetry Sunday-Rising With The Snow

snow rose


Rising With The Snow



As October skies diminish their light,

Flower beds begin to pull their covers tight.

Bid farewell to Susan and Petunia hanging low-

As we greet Pansy and Rose still rising with the snow.



 © Donna Donabella 2011



This is an early poem inspired by the later fall garden.  I wrote it as I watched October fade with the autumn light, and the days turned grayer, and the daylight hours shorter.  The girl’s names are also flowers that grow in my garden.  It isn’t unusual to see roses and pansies blooming right up until the first substantial snow, seen sometimes in late October.  Thankfully not this October!




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old snow roses collage

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Special Note:  The roses pictured here grow in my summer garden, and bloom again in fall.  They make an amazing picture when the snow encases them.  These photos were from a few years ago when we had an early October snow.




I leave you with a few additional words about the first snow in the garden.  I welcome you to download the photo and share it.

oct skies-snow rose

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66 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Rising With The Snow”

  1. Chilly perfection.
    I am always amazed at how resilient plants are. Heat, rain, wind, snow and they will be back next year. With no complaints. A lesson I should take on board.

  2. I love the use of names – it hints at a closeness to things which warm us and welcome us..i have hopes for Pansy and Rose – they may offer a different comfort but a comfort none the less..and yes..thank heavens no snow just yet..another radiant and in its quiet way joyous poem

  3. For some reason this year is one of the most beautiful for late bloomers…it’s not bad being a late bloomer…

    Beautiful shots Donna and I hope that you remain snow free for a bit longer this year, it’s been one of extremes for a lot of gardeners.

    Thanks again for your beautiful contribution to RURAL, this is one late blooming dream that is fluttering free….


  4. No snow here as of yet and to that I am grateful. I remember once there was snow in May and the flowers were covered and it was such a beautiful contrast. The wonder of nature is about survival.

  5. Donna, sorry for not visiting lately …have not been feeling up to “snuff”, but as usual this turns out to be one of my favorite visual/poetry sites.

  6. Snow on blush…..so beautiful! Never have I seen snow on roses here. Gorgeous!
    I love the words you cobble together to tell their names and draw us in:)
    Thanks for sharing your stories, friend…..we’re all the richer:)

  7. Your intimacy with the blooms is so lovely. Several years ago my quince bushes bloomed early and then it snowed! Such beautifu pink under the ice and snow. This is a lovely photo but the poem is outstanding.

  8. Exquisite photos! I’ve taken photos like that too, but this year we’ve had no frost and no snow yet. So no snowy roses either.

    Coming to you via Mosaic Monday today. Thanks for a lovely visit.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

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