Poetry Sunday-Change





Time is needed for change.

Patience is needed too.

Some things are out of our hands,

this I know to be true.


Allow for change,

grasp it.

Learn from change,

chase it.


Challenge and courage are blended.

As we permit it to unfold.

 Cultivating the rich rewards,

Embracing change foretold.



© Donna Donabella 2014


I wrote this poem after going through a journaling exercise exploring who we are.  The prompt was, “I am aware that.”  The journaling guidance was provided by Mari McCarthy@CreateWriteNow.  


Mari asked me to write a guest post for her blog to talk about my journaling experiences, and what journaling means to me.  I hope you will stop by tomorrow to read the post.



I am joining in with Poets United for their weekly poetry link up for poets who blog.  Visit them to read some more wonderful verse.

blue hyacinth

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Special Note:  Blue hyacinths represent constancy, the antithesis of change.



I leave you with a little bit of sentiment about change.  I welcome you to download the photo and share.




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56 Replies to “Poetry Sunday-Change”

  1. personally I’m with the hyacinths! I’m not sure about all this embracing of change – I think we should resist it until we are squeezed like a dishcloth and wrung into a new shape 🙂 Love ‘the challenge and courage are blended’ line.

  2. I am with you on this one Laura, I fight like crazy to keep things the same, but it wears me down. Working on learning to recognize that with change comes hidden adventures!

  3. Change happens, even without our realizing it. Which is why so many of us find it difficult to decipher the world we live in. At the same time if we try to be more aware maybe things can be easier.

  4. I think we sometimes forget that change is not only necessary, but that some of it is really key to our continuing to grow and evolve. A thoughtful piece and I love the hyacinth photos…I can’t wait to smell them again in the Spring!

  5. Great poem and wonderful images…
    I once worked for a man who instituted change to make those who worked for him uncomfortable (which he admitted). Change for the sake of change.
    And it did make me uncomfortable. And also crabby when he happily changed things back.
    So I see change as a very mixed blessing – something I do at need rather than whim.

    1. That is the epiphany Sherry…once we realize change is happening all the time and we can’t stop it, the more we tend to lean in, embrace it and ride it like a rollercoaster enjoying the ride most of the time.

  6. I enjoy change for the challenge it gives. But some changes are unwelcome and cause regret. I always try to look on the positive side and think that when one door closes another opens.

  7. I’m enjoy new experiences. … although I dread some of the inevitable changes to come eventually. Maybe when it’s time for them I will welcome them too, who knows? Your purple flower mosaic is beautiful.

    1. I have written a bit more about change for Thursday’s post Michelle. Change happens all the time moment to moment…I am not sure we can resist it. For me I have learned to lean in and try to embrace it good or bad. But we all deal with change the way it is best for us.

  8. You chose a beautiful hyacinth for your collage, I can imagine the scent. Another poem that challenges us to think.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Donna.

    1. I needed a bit of spring to carry me through Judith and it seemed perfect for my poem too. Change is always challenging and by the comments we are all at different points with it. I love challenging people to think… 🙂

  9. Hyacinths do mean a scented spring – and they also are very important Christmas flowers for us.
    Your photos are lovely. Thank you and have a nice new week!

  10. Thought provoking post Donna and beautiful photographs, as a gardener I embrace change and sometimes in life change has happened without me noticing until I am out the other side, my daughter going to university and then me taking a few years to realise that she would not be coming home to live again happened without me noticing or thinking it through, but now I am delighted she is an independent young woman who I am really proud of.

    1. I love this story Julie…I have a follow up post about change on Thursday, and your story fits right into it….when you read it I bet you will nod your head and say yes I have experienced that! Thanks as always for reading and sharing with me!

  11. I love these lyrics: “Time is needed for change.

    Patience is needed too.

    Some things are out of our hands,

    this I know to be true.”

    A sensitive post and a strong one as well, indeed! A very good week!

    1. I enjoy the challenge of expressing such concepts, feelings and the like in prose…and I am so pleased when others find I hit the mark! Thanks Donna…your support and comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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